Like it or not, at some point your life will come to an end.

For some, your time will come much quicker than others.

The lyrics by musician, Sam Roberts, hold true, “Been dying since the day I was born.”

Now if you were told tomorrow that you only had a year to live, a month to live, or a even a week to live, there’s no doubt that you’d live your life much differently than you are now.


So I pose the question,

“Why are you living like you’ll live forever now?”

For guys in their late teens to early 20’s, the thought of your life coming to an end one day is laughable. Time seems infinite at that age.

I can tell you as someone who recently turned 30 that your 20’s will go by much quicker than you think.

Now the absolute last thing I want to do here is spit out another one of those tacky “red pill” posts like “10 things every guy in his 20’s should do,” but my advice to younger guys is this,


NOW is the time to get in shape and healthy!

NOW is the time to get over your fear of meeting women and get that gorgeous woman you desire and deserve!

NOW is the time to work on your career!

NOW is the time to increase the bank account!

I spent a good chunk of my late teens to early 20’s procrastinating and moving at a snail’s pace with my goals.

I would always tell myself……

“I’ll get better with women some other time.”

“I’ll study for that exam tomorrow.”

“I’ll start saving some money next pay.”

“I’ll get on back on track again Monday”

Don’t procrastinate, not live up to your potential, and live with regrets.

For those of you in your late 20’s and up, you need to realize you CANNOT go back in time.

The opportunities you let dwindle away, and the bad decisions you’ve made are in the past.

Don’t dwell on this. What’s the point?

Think forward to the present/future and kick it into overdrive.

I think a big mistake that a lot of guys make is neglecting the present/future as they think somehow things will “balance out” later on in life

For example, I live on the east of Canada (for the moment ) and around here most people’s dream is to land a government job, get the pension rolling, settle into the slack lifestyle of a government employee, and countdown the days until you can retire in style.

A lot of people feel as though they’ve won the lottery after landing a government job. You wouldn’t dare leave it under ANY circumstance. All you need to do now is work the next 30 years (at a job you may despise going to each day) in order to cash in on that golden pension.

After you retire and get the pension going you can now spend the winter months in Florida in order to escape the brutal Canadian winter.

You’ve made it. Wahoo!

NOW you can finally live a little.

In fact, if you played your cards right and did some saving/good investing you may be able to really “pimp” it up at a luxurious seniors spa, and have access to some on the house therapy in the event your arthritis gets too bad.

If you didn’t budget that well, though, once in a while you’ll likely find some good deals clipping coupons with the wife and be able to “splurge” and head out to supper after 3pm once in a while.

If you leave by noon you should have no problems making the 4 o’clock buffet!

old people

Seeing as you won’t live forever, another obvious truth to life is that you only live once.

Seeing as you only live once, I think guys should not be afraid to take some chances from time to time.

Perhaps you consider a new job.

Perhaps you consider moving to a new location for a better life in general.

Perhaps you take a few calculated financial risks from to time.

Perhaps you approach a woman you’ve always liked.

I also believe that guys should do things from time to time that literally terrify them and push them out of their comfort zone.

I did just that last spring while in Florida.

I went on a ride called the Slingshot in Kissimmee.

It was literally one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. My legs were almost vibrating after I got off it. It was definitely a rush, though.

Below is a pic of it.


This ride propels you at speeds of upwards of 150km/hr, and launches you over 360 feet in a matter of seconds.

Here is a pretty comical video of a couple going on the slingshot.

Now you don’t exactly have to go on a ride like this for a “rush,” but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

Closing thoughts

Next time you tell yourself…

“Ahh, tomorrow will be better”


“I’ll get on track again next week”

You need to realize that neither tomorrow nor next week are guaranteed, and that ultimately, you won’t live forever.

It’s now or never!


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