Without knowing you personally, I feel VERY confident in saying that AT LEAST once in your life you’ve heard the dreaded, “Sorry!  I have a boyfriend” from a woman you were interested in.

This is never a good thing to hear and it can suck the wind right out of your sails.

So, this likely has you wondering then, what do I do if she has a boyfriend?

Well, for starters, if a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, just assume she does.

There’s no need to lose your confidence, think you’re a loser, and think that “she’s just saying that.”

Yes, in some cases she may just be saying that but she’s also not interested in you and is politely trying to tell you so.

If she’s a woman you’ve only known for a couple minutes, how do you know there’s anything great about her aside from her looks anyways?

Whether she has a boyfriend or not, who cares?

There’s no need to play “private eye” here and find out for sure.

Not too long ago I watched a video on YouTube where this “pickup artist” tried to pick up a woman who said she had a boyfriend. Apparently the pickup artist didn’t believe her and he continued to try and pick her anyways. Shortly after, the woman’s boyfriend actually appeared and he looked like he was about to punch the pickup artist’s head off.

So, if you find yourself in such a situation, just excuse yourself unless you want to potentially be missing a few teeth.

However, the main reason you should just move on from a woman who tells you she has a boyfriend is because the majority of the time you will get absolutely NOWHERE with her.

Don’t buy into the foolishness you may have read before about guys who claim they could steal women away from their boyfriends.

More often than not, the guys who make such claims look like they’d be lucky to get a “sniff” and are more so the type who “beg for scraps” at closing time.

Having said all that, though, it’s not an absolute that you’ll never get anywhere with a woman who has a boyfriend.

If it’s a woman who immediately tells you she has a boyfriend, just move on

This will save lots of time and frustration.

However, sometimes a woman’s status isn’t always revealed right away.

Several years back a woman I worked with told me that physical attraction for men was really no different than it was for woman.

I never consciously thought much about this much until she had mentioned it to me but she was correct about this.

I mean, even if you’re a guy in a relationship right now, you mean to tell me you don’t notice when a young, fit, blond woman with a “fly” ass (or whatever you thing is) walks by?

Of course you do!

Well, just as you notice her, she most certainly notices good looking men.

If you’re a fit, well dressed guy and you have a little “pep” to your step, trust me, women will most definitely notice you, and, if you talk to them and they have a boyfriend, it will then be a matter of whether they’re faithful or not.

Although a lot of women will not accept your advances, some will.

In fact, some will conveniently “forget” they have a boyfriend if they like you.

You may find out that AFTER you hook up with her or go on a few dates with her before you even find out she has a boyfriend.

I mean, if she’s interested in you and she doesn’t mention she has a boyfriend, why you think she has one?

Don’t start pumping the questions to her if she doesn’t mention she has a boyfriend….

“Wow! You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Are you sure you don’t have a boyfriend?”

If you find out she has a boyfriend, I would be cautious here.

Yes, you could still “Netflix and chill” with her but that’s as far as I would go with things.

Unless her boyfriend is a total dud and things are on the outs, I would NEVER trust such a woman. Do you really want to be “boyfriend #2?”

I mentioned before that a guy I used to work with who was able to pull away a woman her boyfriend and date her for over a year.

However, down the road another guy was able to pull her away from him.

So, be leery of such women since they may easily ditch you again you down the road.

There’s also the very real possibility that her “real boyfriend” may want to “exchange knuckles” with you.

I always say the decisions you make in life are ultimately up to you and if you meet a woman where there is mutual attraction and she has a boyfriend and she’s still “down,” then the decision is up to you.

Personally, though, I think its best to avoid situations like this to begin with and just meet women who ARE single.

In fact, I think if a lot of guys were to be honest with themselves and this boyfriend “thingy” was a serious issue then they likely don’t have enough women as options in their life to begin with.

For example, even though social circles/social activities can be a great way to meet women, there’s a lot of drawbacks to them and I personally think the average guy relies on them WAY too much to meet women.

As I’ve said before, this causes large “gaps” in dating and can cause you to obsess too much over one particular woman as your options are greatly limited.

You start obsessing over women who are taken and think if you “wait it out” long enough that the woman may break up with her boyfriend.

Yes, it’s possible you could get her down the road, but it’s generally a huge waste of time and a total energy drain.

What I do recommend doing is quite the opposite of traditional advice and make a social circles a backup plan to meet women.

Put yourself in more situations where it’s more likely the women you meet will be single.

Bars/Clubs come to mind as spots where there’s a good chance you’ll meet a lot of single women.

However, if bars/clubs aren’t your thing so much, what better place is there to meet women than through online dating?

Also, although not initially easy to do, do you approach the cutie that is CLEARLY checking you out as you cross the street or at the grocery store?

If you implement these 3 ways to meet women into your daily/weekly routine you won’t worry so much about the ones who have boyfriends as you’ll have LOTS of options anyways.

If you want more actionable advice on how to meet women in these situations, contact me here and we can do some private training to get you set on the right track.

Closing Thoughts

If  you approach enough women you are bound to encounter some who have a boyfriend.

That’s just how things are.

It’s nothing you did wrong and nothing to take personal.

When I was doing a lot of cold approaching I approached a lot of women who were already taken.

Oh well, that still leaves me and you with how many billion other women to chose from?

The nice thing about being a high quality guys is that you’re VERY high in demand.

Keep your head up and realize that there’s TONS of women out there that are single and DO want to meet a guy like you!









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