This a tasty shake that will put you in the summer mood.  It comes out creamy with a nice hint of watermelon.



-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder ( I prefer Allmax Nutrition Allwhey Vanilla )

-200 mls of original unsweetened almond milk (vanilla unsweetened milk is fine too)

-watermelon slices (you can buy a whole watermelon as well if you like)


1.  If you are using a whole watermelon you will have to cut it up into smaller pieces.  Seeing as mine are already cut, I now just simply place them in a sealed bag and put them in the freezer.


2.  Place almond milk, protein powder, and frozen watermelon slices into the blender ( I use the Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black) and blend for 30-45 seconds, or until watermelon slices are liquefied and enjoy!



-When buying a vanilla protein powder, make sure you read the label.  Some protein powders are GARBAGE!  I one I am using in the above pic is only 120 calories, has 3 total grams of crabs with only 1 gram of sugar, and 25 grams on protein per scoop.  ALWAYS opt for low sugar protein powders.

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