Guys, in this article I am going to reveal to you 9 signs women show when they’re not interested in you.

We all know that dating can have its ups and downs and this article will help you identify when women aren’t interested so you can quickly move on, avoid frustrations and keep your sanity out there in the “dating sphere.”

She doesn’t respond to your texts anymore

Now this should be pretty obvious but sometimes guys don’t want to “believe it” and “hang on” for dear life.

Perhaps this is a woman that you’ve been chatting with online and it seemed like things were going good and you were about to go on a date with her and then out of nowhere she starts ignoring you?

Or perhaps you already met this woman and went on a date or two with her and then she suddenly starts “ghosting you?”

She completely vanishes and doesn’t reply to your texts anymore, and you’re the only one who is sending the texts.

Sometimes this just happens and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Don’t beat yourself up over this.

There could be a million reason for it and it may have nothing to do with you.

The best advice in this scenario is just to move on, and IMMEDIATELY!

She takes a super long time to reply back to your texts

Now sometimes there could very well be a valid reason for this.

Perhaps she was in a meeting, she had no cell reception, her phone died, etc., etc.

However, in this day and age, how long does the average person go without checking their phone?

If you send her texts in the morning, for example, and she’s constantly replying back late in the evening, or, even worse, a day or two down the road, this is not good and a sign that she’s not interested in you.

This can be even worse if she’s a woman who you’ve been a date or two with and although she takes a long time to reply to back to you, she never seems to put her phone down when she’s with you.

When she does reply, she answers with one word like “Yep” or “Okay”


Now this woman may not take a long time to reply back to texts but she constantly replies back with very little and one word replies such as “Yep” or “Okay”.

Although she may be a little shy, this typically means she doesn’t really feel like chatting so she gives you nothing to work with to keep the conversation going.

She constantly says “Maybe” or “I’ll have to get back to you on that” when you ask her for a date

If you ask a woman on a date this shouldn’t be a really big decision for her to make.

When she’s always saying “Maybe” or “I’ll have to get back to you” all the time, she’s trying to avoid telling you no.

I mean, if the roles were reversed, and she was asking you on a date, how much time would it take you to figure out your decision?

Would there be anyone you would really need to consult with first?

You would say maybe because?


She never asks you any questions about yourself


When you really like someone, it’s only normal to want to know more about them.

You want to know more about their interests, their goals, and more about their work or studies.

When a woman never asks you any questions about yourself, it’s because she doesn’t care and has no real interest in getting to know you any better.

She always flakes or cancels on dates

Look, guys, getting flaked on is no joke.

This can chip away at even the most confident of men and make you question your value to women.

When she doesn’t show for a date (or two) or always cancels last minute, this is her way of saying she’s not interested.

Sometimes things can come up and there may be a valid reason for it, but if she’s constantly bailing and NEVER suggests another time, she’s not interested!

She’s ALWAYS busy

I get it.

Busy weeks can happen.

When she’s always busy, though?

If a woman is basically busy every second for the next 10 years, (and then some) she’s making it known she’s not interested.

Sometimes women will give huge explainations about why they’re so busy.

Take the hint, guys.

She deletes you off of social media

You take a look at your social media account(s) and notice that you’re down a follower/friend and it just so happens that it was her.

Guys, her finger didn’t slip and she “accidentally” unfriended you.

She intentionally did this.

She talks about other men around you

When a woman talks about other men in a romantic fashion in front of you this is one of the most tell-tale sings of all that she’s not interested.

She has no interest in you and is making it very obvious.

Now, if you haven’t made it well known that you’re interested in her, then chances are she may no clue you’re even interested.

This is a tricky spot and unfortunately you may have missed the boat with her or she’s put you in the dreaded “friend zone” and is talking about other men to you because she views you as a friend and not as a potential romantic partner.

Closing Thoughts

I would like to close by saying that just because a woman exhibits one these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested in you.

Rather, this article was meant as an eye opener for guys if they’re “on the fence” about a woman and are pondering whether they should continue to pursue her.

In the end, trust your gut.

I know that sometimes it can be tough to move on from a woman and I used to have a hard time doing it myself but when I think back to times where I was pursuing women who clearly weren’t interested it was because I didn’t have many options.

It’s quite possible that this could be the case for you as well.

Once I realized my true value, however, I didn’t care.

If a woman suddenly fell off the map for whatever, I didn’t sweat it as I had plenty of other options anyways.

The great news, guys, once you reach your true value you won’t care either as you too will have other options.

Also, the quicker you move on from women aren’t interested in you, the sooner you get to focus on women who are interested in you.

This reduces frustrations and allows you to enjoy the company of a woman who is as interested in you as you are in her.

Remember, guys, there’s plenty of single women out there.

Women who want to meet a guy just like you ;)

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