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This article is going to be a bit longer than most. I like to keep my articles short and sweet, but this article is essential even with its length.

For those of you unfamiliar with pickup/seduction, here are a few of the more commonly used terms:

Game- a means of seducing/attracting women through a routine. Often done in chronological order to trigger “attraction switches”. If done correctly, a “spell” is cast, and she cannot resist your advances.

PUA- pickup artist

Qualifying- a way for the pickup artist to show high value. The woman has to prove she is worthy of the pickup artist and has more to offer than just her looks.

Cold reads- this is when make a statement based on something you observe about her. With pickup you are told to avoid being the “question guy”.

Set- the actual interaction itself

DHV- translates to “demonstrating high value” through storytelling.

Negging- although a bit old school, some PUA’s still encourage it. You’re basically insulting her to lower her self confidence so she becomes more vulnerable to your advances.  Also referred to as a “backhanded compliment”.

Push/Pull- you push her away by saying something to make it seem as though you’re not interested, and then you pull her back in with a compliment. It’s supposed to be an even balance of push and pull. This supposedly has her “attraction switches” going off like fireworks on the 4th of July.

I am proud to say I have never spent a cent on any PUA product/service. I was VERY close at one point though. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t foolishly buy into some of the absurd claims of “game”.

At one point, I was more or less subscribed to every free newsletter you can think of. I also wasted tons of time googleing “What do women want in a man?”. I never spent too much time on forums, but did sign up for the odd one. Oddly enough, I never read the book “The Game” by Neil Strauss (kind of a sick brag).

Let’s face it, “game” is like a bad joke, the vilest of flues, the foulest of stenches. Yes, folks, “game” really is that bad!

Some men did not get off so easy in regards to “game”. If you fell prey to the false promises of “game”, please do yourself a favor and cut your losses now. If you bought a book full of fancy lines/routines to “attract women”, throw in the garbage, or better yet, use it to keep the fire blazing a little longer next time you go camping. Also, unsubscribe from any PUA newsletter IMMEDIATELY! And finally, if you fell victim to a PUA bootcamp, you were conned. I sincerely feel bad for you. I almost took one myself at one point and would have taken it on the chin as well. DO NOT use any of the dorky/cocky funny lines you were taught at your bootcamp EVER again! No need to be “Bozo the cocky clown” around women.

Something I want to make clear right now……

This site is VERY anti-PUA! Also, this site is VERY anti-manursphere(I first heard the term “manuresphere” here) I’ve developed a severe dislike for manosphere/manursphere bloggers as of late. Not only do they give HORRIBLE “game” advice, they’re also TERRIBLE human beings!

Here are some of the MAJOR problems with “game” and it’s why it’s a complete sham,

It’s expensive

PUA’s/dating companies more or less make money through book sales or bootcamps.

Books generally run somewhere between 50-100+$. Most companies have a variety of ebooks:

-Guide to nightgame

-The ultimate manual to text game(I actually saved you 50-100$ on some bogus text manual right here. Treat yourself/you and your woman to a nice meal or a new piece of clothing if you were going to piss away 50+$ on a text manual)

-Daytime dating

-Cracking the boyfriend code

The main source of revenue for PUA companies are bootcamps. Since I was close to taking one myself, I basically know how they work inside out.

Most companies have their generic/cookie cutter style boot camps. These are generally $3000.

The more advanced ones however, can run in excess of $10,000(I’m dead serious). Who in their right mind would pay that much money to learn lines and routines?

The more common bootcamps, the cookie cutter style $3000 ones, generally work like this,

You meet up at hotel on a Friday night and get started on some theory. Then, later on that night you head out to an upscale bar for some infield work.

While infield, the students get to watch their instructor demonstrate the theory taught prior to heading out. The student also does some approaches himself and the instructor watches so he can give some feedback.

On Saturday, the students once again meet in the evening for some more theory, and a recap of the previous night. Later on that night, they go out again for some more infield training.

On Sunday, they recap the previous night, teach a little more theory, and wrap it up with some q and a.

Now listen to this, apparently the student’s DHV storytelling is prewritten for them. That sure says a lot about what the instructor’s think of their students. They obviously think they’re losers and have nothing going on in their lives.(research bootcamp reviews and you’ll find all kinds of non-sense)

One former student said that the theory taught is nothing you couldn’t find through google searches. He said the only reason he went was for the infield training.

Do you really need to pay $3000 to watch some PUA tell corny jokes and act a fool at the bar?

corny pua


It’s complicated/confusing


Men inexperienced around women often feel high levels of anxiety interacting with them.

These are uncharted waters.

It’s not uncommon to have a racing heart, sweaty palms, trouble looking her in the eye, and other nervous tics.

A lot of pickup advice is VERY complicated. There’s so many steps and rules. Most advice includes exact steps the interaction must go through. If the “set” is done in particular sequence, her “attraction switches” are triggered.

I can still remember the first few approaches I did vividly. I was a NERVOUS WRECK! Other guys will be in the same boat. So why get them to go through all these steps when their nerves are through the roof?

Not only are all these steps confusing, they’re unnecessary.

It will actually make you worse with women

Most guys are oblivious to this.

“How could I get worse? I’m being taught by a legend.”

When I was trying to use “game” properly, I actually did WORSE.

No doubt women were wondering why I was acting so weird. As I’ve already said, “cocky funny” only repels women.

The moment I dropped the “game” and became NORMAL, my results skyrocketed!

Also, the fact that there’s so many steps and rules can cause you to lose focus:

“Where am I in my set?”

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“Oh no, I just asked two questions in a row. She’s going to flake for sure now. I may as well just eject from this set.”

“Did I qualify too early?”

“Am I leaning in too much?”

“Did I hit the hook point yet?”

“Is she impressed by my DHV storytelling?”

It’s straight up corny

I mean seriously, who does palm reading? Card tricks? Negging? Certainly not anyone cool.

I decided to sign up for a free newsletter from a leading “expert” in the industry(solely for laughter purposes of course).

Listen to what the “Jedi Master” himself had to say,

“I prepare for dates by having two fun routines ready, usually The Cube (an email you got a few weeks ago) and some type of fake palm read that I detail in my book Bang.”

I’m literally at a loss for words. No wonder he’s so bitter towards women.

This “expert” is very quick to discredit any country where he’s been shunned by the local women(which seems to be EVERY country he visits :P). It’s always the woman’s fault for turning him down. Then again, he’s probably right.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why any relatively attractive woman would turn down this classy, modest, hunk of a man?

He likely just needs to tighten up his “palm reading game” a bit. He should be able to do this quite easily. After all, he has tons of experience with palms, especially his own :P

Check out some of the lines among the community,

“Wow, I really like your shoes. My grandmother’s friends all have the same pair.”(An example of negging or “creating attraction”)

“I’d like to ask you out on a date, but I think you’re a bad girl. Mom says I can only date good girls. It’ll never work.” (An example of disqualification. The PUA is trying to reverse roles so his “target” will “qualify” herself to him)

“Sorry, can I tell you something very quickly? I literally just saw you and thought you looked very nice. Are you European? Swedish? Russian? American? Canadian? Croatian? Brazilian? Argentinian? Australian? Lithuanian? (Dorky daygame opener. I wonder if women in London have grown tired of this “opener”?)

Fake Infield Videos

kiss close

There’s tons of fake infield videos floating around on youtube. Instructors do get caught from time to time.

In fact, one came to light recently that really cracked me up.

A “daygamer” was caught hiring an actress for a “kiss close.”

Now this particular “daygamer” is constantly saying women don’t care about money.

The irony here? The fake infield is in a product he sells to make money off of you.

So although he tells you money doesn’t matter, he’s selling a product with a fake infield in it so he can increase his own bank account.

What an honest guy, huh?

The fact he had to FAKE a “kiss close” should raise some serious red flags. His “skills”(or lack thereof it appears) should very much be questioned.

Since he does his approaches on busy streets, and he’s “one of the world’s leading daygamers and seduction coaches”, shouldn’t be able to get a REAL one on film with ease? (Anyone remember that Seinfeld episode with Milosh?)

Let me put this into better prospective for you.

About 5 years ago I ordered 4 classic Lacoste polo’s off of ebay. It was a steal at $200 for 4 of them. One alone generally runs between 70-100$.

Anyhow, upon receiving them I was furious. I opened up the 1st shirt and it was clearly counterfeit. The material and buttons were very cheap.

Real Lacoste polo’s come with mother of pearl buttons. They’re cool to the touch. These buttons were a cheap plastic like you would expect from a 5$ shirt sold at a department store.

I immediately emailed the shipper and gave him a blasting. He said the shirts were real and I was just a problem buyer.

I replied, “Fine, I’ll just ship the shirts off to the Lacoste company and give them your ebay username”

He quickly replied back agreeing to refunded me the full amount including shipping.

Now he did send me 4 shirts. One might say,

“How do you know all 4 were fake? Maybe it was just the one you opened that was fake?”

I had just assumed the other 3 were fake as well. It’s hard to imagine he just mixed a fake in by mistake.

I also had a hard time believing this was the first time he shipped out counterfeit clothing.

This guy could give the best deals on LEGIT Lacoste shirts from here on out and I’d still be suspicious.

Same goes with the instructors who put out fake infields, how can you ever trust them again?

If they get caught putting up even ONE fake video, why would you believe it was just a one time thing? Did it get uploaded by mistake with their “real” ones?

Sadly, some guys will stay loyal regardless of what of their instructor does.

You can “game” any girl

Guys are told ANY girl can be gamed. Guys that have done some approaches before know this is the furthest thing from the truth.

First off, not every girl you approach will be single. Second, just because she is single, it doesn’t mean she’ll automatically fall into your lap.

I have preferences and I’m sure you do as well. Guess what, so do women. Some women will NEVER go for you regardless of the “game” used.

When I was first learning cold approach, I’d have days where I’d run into a lot of either unavailable or uninterested women. (This can happen quite often any ways, regardless of your “skill level”)

Any ways, after talking to a salesman/accountant/whatever he is for one of the larger dating companies, I was told I needed a boot camp, and quickly.

I was told it was likely a “game issue” when women told me they had a boyfriend. These women weren’t off limits, it was just a “limiting belief” on my behalf.

The quicker I could pay for my boot camp, the quicker this guy could set up a 1on1 for me with one of their “top” instructors. My “sets” would then be analyzed and I would know what I was doing right and where I needed improvement (If you think PUA’s are dorky with all the terms, this guy took the cake. Thankfully I never went on the boot camp.)

The fact that you can “create attraction/create confidence”


Game is centered around the “loose” concept that you can VERBALLY “create attraction” with lines and routines.

In fact, listen to what this guy defined attraction as on a PUA’s blog,

“To say the correct sequence of words backed up with the right body language and voice tone” (Hmmm, wonder if he went on a date this weekend or just sat at home playing Xbox like the rest of the PUA instructors?)

You can’t VERBALLY“create attraction!” IT”S IMPOSSIBLE!

I don’t care what any “wizard mastery PUA” says, if the sight of you makes her want to puke, no joke or line will EVER work!

Instructors also tell guys to just be more confident. They’re told their lack of confidence is what’s holding them back.

This is basically the only thing I agree with the PUA morons on. Confidence is HUGE!

Problem is, going on a weekend boot camp or buying an ebook doesn’t all of sudden make you confident. It’s improvements you make in your life that make you more confident.

The actual instructors themselves

The bad looking instructors

These are the guys where it’s game, game, game.

They preach the importance of game and tend to deny looks having any relevance whatsoever.

I mean obviously they have to. If they claimed the reason they pulled a girl was because of their good looks, guys would just laugh and discredit them. (Feel free to laugh at them any ways :P)

Let’s take “the world’s top daygamer” for example. In his latest product, he tackles the most complex of topics.

He reveals, “What really turns women on when they meet a man in the daytime?”

Hmm, could it be the man’s physical appearance? Looks like I’ll have to pay $199 to find out for sure. (I’d be willing to bet $199 it has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with being a “bad boy daygamer that kills it.”)

In this product, he was filmed chatting up the women of Croatia for 3 days while in “peak form.”( Yep, he made to sure to emphasize the fact that he was in “peak form”. Whatever that means?)

He handpicked the best 10 interactions from 3 days of filming and then broke each one down in this product. This is supposedly “the most advanced” material out there on daygame.

He claims to have hooked up with one of the 10 women. Now I’m not saying that he didn’t. Perhaps he did? But, listen to this, he “kissed a few more on dates “.

I literally fell over I was laughing so hard. Perhaps he needs to start hanging out with guys in high school. They can all brag together about getting to first base.

highschool brag

Another one of the dorky/goofy looking instructor’s is on youtube grabbing this girls number really quick at a coffee shop.

He walks in and says, “Hello, I don’t want anything. I want to invite you out. I’ve had my coffee”. There’s a bit of corny bantering back and forth and then he grabs her number.

I’m not knocking him for the quick number. In fact, you can get a girls number rather quickly that leads to dates and such.

The comments below the video are pretty comical though,

One guy says, “That’s funny to me how so many people are impressed by this. There was most likely no d2 potential.”

However, a “fan” quickly came to the instructors defence, “He said they spent a week together.”

Yeah, supposedly they spent a week together.

Did they? Who knows?

You have to realize something though, he is a MARKETER! He is a selling a product. His product is “game”. He’s selling ebooks and offering bootcamps to teach his “game”.

Whether he met her or not, he’s going to say he did. He is marketing himself as a phenom. He is the best.

These guys will NEVER say, “Well, actually she flaked on me.”

They’ll NEVER admit that.

Trust your gut on these guys.

If he’s out of shape, he has bad grooming, his fashion seems off, he seems like a huge dork, and you can’t picture him doing anything other than playing video games all day…..HE IS EXACTLY WHO YOU THINK HE IS!

The really good looking instructors-

These are the guys that I believe are absolutely killing it with women.

They ARE getting gorgeous women out on dates.

There’s one big problem with the ridiculously good looking instructors, though, their “game” has absolutely NOTHING to do with their results.

Sure, they’ll get rejected too. However, when they get an available girl on film, it looks like magic.

The available girls will gladly give out their number to the really good looking instructor.

Now you can’t fault an instructor for being really good looking. In fact, he may have the routines/techniques down pat that the company teaches.

If he praises up “game” and doesn’t admit his looks are doing the real talking for him, he’s just as crooked as the really bad looking instructors.

Some guys spot this right away and realize his looks are the reason for his success. They know he can say whatever he wants and the “game” is just a placebo effect.

Some guys don’t pick up on this at all. They’re fascinated by his foot work, his DHV storytelling, his qualifying, and his teasing.

Then, when they’re “in field” themselves, they can’t figure out why they’re not getting the same results as him.

Female instructors-

Seems as of late, there’s been an influx of female dating coaches for men.

These women are even worse than the bad looking instructors.

They teach from a woman’s point of view, which can be helpful to an extent.




She doesn’t know what approach anxiety feels like for men. She cannot relate to you whatsoever.

It would be like me putting on a seminar to teach women what it’s like to give birth.

How would I know firsthand? I’m a male. I’ll never give birth.

arnie (2)

(Schwarzenegger is the only male I know qualified to teach women what it’s like to give birth)

Closing thoughts

As you can see, I am NOT a fan of game AT ALL!

It’s a complete scam and guys will find improving themselves will trump any line or joke they could ever tell.

Now if you have super bad anxiety (even after some self improvements) and feel like you need some coaching or even a skype call, make sure the coach/instructor is LEGIT!

I hope I shed some light on this shady industry for those unaware, or even guys on the fence about “game”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, I sure had lots of fun creating it!

Oh, you’re also more than welcome to bash whoever you want in the comments section. NO ONE is off limits. If you were scammed by a PUA, would like to expose some slimy business practices, or can reveal fake infields, GO FOR IT!


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