Although I feel the “douchebag mockery” section of this blog is more or less coming to an end, I just HAD to write a piece on Roosh V.

It was roughly a year ago that I first heard of Roosh. I hopped over to his blog and this is the first article I ever read by him,

Start and finish with the same game

I was in utter disbelief after reading it.


I figured I must have missed something. Surely, I did, I thought. I was aware he had a fairly large following so I thought I had better read it again and give him the benefit of a doubt. So, I read it again and convinced myself it was satire. Surely this guy wasn’t this dumb, was he? Well, I poked around his site a little more and quite quickly came to the conclusion that this Roosh guy was a total moron.

For example, if you look at the menu bar on his site, you’ll notice “pickup tips,” is an option to click on.


If you click on it, you’ll be redirected to his article, “7 things you can do to improve your game right now.” Although a rather old post by Roosh, he seems to be proud of it and appears to be using it to “showcase” his “knowledge” of “game.” Let’s take a closer look at step 1, shall we. Roosh cautions guys not to lean in too much and claims, “This is the number one mistake I see guys make, especially in the first 30 minutes of talking to a girl.” Although it may not be ideal to be “right up in her grill,” this is basically irrelevant and mental masturbation (much like the 6  other “tips”). In fact, if she thinks you’re hot and you smell really good, “leaning in too much” may turn her on even more.

Well, actually, on second thought, maybe leaning in too much was holding Roosh back?


Although most men would likely have been able to conclude that body odor was a turn off without doing any sort of “experiments,” Roosh wasn’t so sure and curiosity eventually got the best of him. After a bit of “trial and error,” Roosh had the following to say in his article, “How baking soda change my life,” 

“For a minute I wondered if my armpit odor was a key to my sexual success. Was my odor releasing arousing pheromones in the environment? Would I get laid less if I smelled nice? This has not turned out to be the case. I’m ready to conclude that body odor is not an attractant, and if it’s something that chips at your confidence like it did to mine, you’d be best served getting rid of it.”

Roosh apparently didn’t take his new “findings” very well and a few years later he wrote an article titled, ” Men must groom more than cats to get laid.”

In this article, Roosh appears bitter that women expect him to be hygienic. Some of his gripes include,

brush my teeth

wipe my ass throughly (be VERY careful when shaking hands with Roosh)


Is this song actually about Roosh?

stroke my balls with one hand to ensure lack of odor (yeah, just forget about shaking hands with Roosh)

wash clothes

remove boogers and other debris form my nose

remove ear wax using cotton swabs

remove eye gunk after waking up

Although it appears Roosh’s hygiene preferences are a bit on the raunchy side, he would likely do alright with women once in a while (well, when’s showered and has a booger free nose anyways) if he didn’t have downright bizarre theories about women. Although Roosh is obviously not the most aesthetically pleasing guy, one could easily argue he’s the “Brad Pitt” of the manosphere. He’s tall, has a full head of hair, and is a rarity in the “sphere” as he actually has a healthy BMI. The hairy biceps are definitely not scoring him any points with the babes, though.


(C’mon, Roosh, man!)

Anyhow, like I said, Roosh would probably do alright once in a while if he didn’t have such strange theories about “game” and women in different parts of the world. I personally believe he’s his own worst enemy.

For example, check out what Roosh had to say about Montreal in this video,

It takes about 5 or 6 hours to get laid Montreal? What a stupid thing to say! Where in the world does he come up with this bullshit? That would be like me saying, “It takes approximately 4 minutes and 35 seconds to eat a roast beef sandwich in Montreal.” What is it about Montreal women that makes them so hesitant to instantly hook up with a guy? For one, Montreal is actually well known for being VERY sexually liberated, and having been there myself earlier this spring, I can confirm that he has NO CLUE what he’s talking about! Also, what does he mean by he “got close a few times?” First base perhaps?

Although Roosh appeared to be pleased with very little in terms of results in Montreal, he didn’t think so much of Toronto and wrote the article, “15 reasons why Toronto is the worst city in North America for men.” (# 11 gave me a good laugh).

Now, I’m not saying Toronto is the best city in the world or anything. It’s expensive and you’ll deal with lots of snow and sub-zero temperatures in the winter months. However, Toronto is LOADED with gorgeous women and….. it’s the 4th LARGEST city in North America. There are over 4 million people that live in Toronto. Seeing as Roosh doesn’t strike me as the “deepest” of individuals, I feel confident in saying that he likely spent the duration of his visit in a small part of a BIG city!

Location is HUGE in regards to your success with women as I frequently stress. The size of the location, the male:female ratios, social norms, and how you match up to the local men are all important factors in regards to your overall success in a particular area. So, yes, one can expect some variance in cities of comparable sizes. And, of course, there will be some extreme variances in certain cities, but if you can’t meet a SINGLE women in city A, why would city B be any different? People are people no matter where you go. When I wrote the article on male physical attraction, the qualities I described were not just qualities women find attractive in Canadian men, these are universally attractive qualities. Thus, it is beyond foolish for guys like Roosh and other manospherians to try and write off cities with MILLIONS of people!

If Roosh’s hygiene, “game,” or location was holding him back then surely getting some media attention helped him out, right?

Er, well, maybe not so much.

Earlier this year Roosh went on Dr. Oz as the proud leader of the “fat shaming movement.” Roosh was eaten alive, appeared to be be confused at times, and looked incredibly immature. Although Roosh actually has a healthy body weight, one thing I’ve always found most bizarre about the manosphere is the fact that some of the loudest and proudest “fat shamers” are a tad on the porky side themselves.

Earlier this summer, Roosh got even more media attention, and faced serious opposition for his speeches in Montreal and Toronto.

I could be wrong about this, but didn’t Roosh originally claim there would be 100 seats available per speech? Judging by this tweet, it sure looks like Canadians had better things to do than listen to Roosh ramble on about some mumbo jumbo?

Nevertheless, even with the strong opposition, and an apparent low level of interest from his fans, Roosh was overfilled with joy after his Toronto speech,

Although the actual speech appears to have went off without a hitch, the big question, however, where are the after party pics? I’ve yet to see any, but is it fair to assume this is what the after party looked like?


On a more serious note, one thing I find particularly troubling about Roosh these days is the fact that some people are actually falling for his bullshit. It seems Roosh is slowing shifting away from the “game guru” and is now taking on the role of “a political leader” and some sort of “phony men’s rights activist.” The pic below sums it up.


(Thanks to “stonerwithaboner” from the black pill for this funny meme.)

I think even the most gullible of idiots have figured out that “game” doesn’t work and it’s more likely they would see a spotting of bigfoot before they would ever see Roosh with any decent woman.

Roosh appears to be aware of this and is now playing the “savior role” for “masculine” men nowadays. You’ll notice on his other site, Returnofkings (commonly referred to as ROK), Roosh, along with his dopey followers are fighting feminism, educating women on their faults, rambling on about politics in a right wing fashion, and there’s the occasional piece on Asian women, sketchy supplements, or fitness motivation.

I’m not going to link to a bunch of foolish articles on ROK as I find the content to be migraine inducing, but just to give you an idea of what kind of idiots we’re dealing with on ROK,

“5 reasons to avoid women who drink coffee”

Although a totally ridiculous article, reason # 5, poor secual performance, gave me a good chuckle,

“Caffeine made female test animals more interested in sexual behavior. But those test animals had never drunk caffeine ever before. Caffeine is only useful for women who are not habitual drinkers. In fact, the hormonal deficiencies in women caused by coffeedestroys her sexual motivation. Regular coffee drinking makes women cold and unpassionate lover”

If the author, Rick Moser, looks anything like the average ROK writer then it shouldn’t matter too much if  a woman’s sexual performance is lowered when she consumes caffeine as he most certainly won’t find himself in any sexual scenarios with such women to being with :P Rick Moser sounds the typical frustrated manospherian.

Although I’ve already linked to the article, “Why are women so _________________?” by Greg Stevens, I really like where he went with this. I’ll be the first to admit that women be a total pain at times. I’m also well aware that I can be a total pain to women at times as well. I tend to think of it as a two way street. ROK writers, like their leader, Roosh V, like to complain about things like the smartphone and feminism as the sole reasons as to why they do so poorly with women. I call BULLSHIT on that! They just can’t seem to figure out that their “current self” is unappealing and women just aren’t interested in them. Ever notice how Roosh is ALWAYS the common denominator in the cities that he strikes out with the local women?

Although Roosh doesn’t appear to have had much luck with the ladies in the past, this certainly doesn’t seem to be stopping him from searching for love. I’ve noticed that more recently Roosh appears to be leaving his “player lifestyle” behind in pursuit of “the one.”

The elephant in the room

7 things I require in the future mother of my child 

This is all fine and dandy, but what Roosh doesn’t seem to realize is that a quick Google search would almost certainly kill his chances with any decent woman. Any decent woman would be embarrassed to introduce her friends and/or family members to Roosh. Time doesn’t appear to be on Roosh’s side either. In his latest video, Roosh seems to be sporting more of the “grandpa” look.




Closing thoughts

Well, that’s it for me on Roosh. He’s certainly an interesting guy, and perhaps and a bit of a smelly guy to top it off. Please share this article if you enjoyed it.

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