Disney World Vacation (Eating Vlog in Orlando)

This post will be much different than others as it will be in video form as opposed to a blog post. I did a daily eating vlog when my girlfriend and I went to Orlando, Florida about 4 weeks ago and also wanted to show you guys what a cool place Orlando is by...
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Conversation with Aaron Sleazy Part 2

Q. Now that we've discussed a man's looks, let's talk about the looks of the average female. I personally believe the average female looks better than ever with access to amazing makeup, other beauty products, and stylish clothing (most especially those...

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Conversation with Aaron Sleazy Part 1

It's certainly refreshing to switch things up from time to time. Although I will be doing plenty more articles, videos, and podcasts, I figured why not mix things up a bit and do an interview style post. In this particular interview, Aaron Sleazy joins me as we...

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Apple Pie Yogurt

This is a great recipe for those craving something more on the sweet side without wanting to bulge up their waistline. It's low in calories, delicious, and very satisfying. It can work well as breakfast, a mid morning/afternoon snack. It also works great as a...

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Age is just a number

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4asry6hydHI As I continue to get older, I realize that although aging is inevitable, you can certainly age gracefully, and age is just a number. Yes, of course, after a certain age, wrinkles, grey hairs, possibly losing your hair, and...

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Protein Pudding

This a delicious little snack. Not only is it tasty, it's also low in calories and rather filling. This works well as mid morning or mid afternoon snack. However, if you find your mornings busy and you never seem to have time to make breakfast, if you have about 2...

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