Disney World Vacation (Eating Vlog in Orlando)

This post will be much different than others as it will be in video form as opposed to a blog post. I did a daily eating vlog when my girlfriend and I went to Orlando, Florida about 4 weeks ago and also wanted to show you guys what a cool place Orlando is by...
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How do I keep her around? (The #1 way revealed)

I feel quite confident in saying that some of you reading this article have likely been on a few dates before with a woman that you happened to like a little more than others. Seeing as I constantly say you should be approaching women YOU are attracted to, not only is...

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Chocolate Banana Protein Bread

This bread is a great way to start off your day. Also, it works well as a mid morning/afternoon snack. It's moist, delicious, and could even be "addictive" to some. This recipe makes 3 servings, so you have to cut the loaf into thirds for proper portion sizes....

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How to Smell AMAZING (Cologne Review Included)

Well, guys, it's finally time to break into the grooming section of this blog. I will be going into great detail about each topic covered, and not only will I be giving you guys simple, actionable steps, I will also be recommending exact products I use myself that I...

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Sour Cream and Onion Dip

When it comes to dips, I think a sour cream and onion dip is generally one of everyone's favorites. The problem, however, is that most are high in fat, salt, and calories for such a small amount. The great thing with this sour cream and onion dip is that not only is...

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Conversation with Aaron Sleazy Part 3

Q.  This is slightly off topic and perhaps doesn't "flow" so well with the Q and A thus far, but I was curious about an article you wrote titled, "Why cold approaching is pretty much useless." Although a rather old post by you, it certainly has generated you some page...

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