Disney World Vacation (Eating Vlog in Orlando)

This post will be much different than others as it will be in video form as opposed to a blog post. I did a daily eating vlog when my girlfriend and I went to Orlando, Florida about 4 weeks ago and also wanted to show you guys what a cool place Orlando is by...
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How to Talk to WOMEN in ANY Situation

"How do I to talk to women?" This is definitely an interesting question and one many men have wondered throughout the years. In this article I will show you guys just how easy it is to talk to women and give you advice on how to talk to women in ANY situation. In...

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No Two WOMEN are the SAME!

Well, guys, for a bit of a change today, rather than an actual written blog post, I have done a video only. I will continue to write posts as I did before and from now on I will include a video for each topic as well. I am upgrading my equipment in the very near...

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Cheat Days (Are They WORTH It?)

Cheat days. Are they worth it, you may be wondering? Well, for starters, just in case you're not familiar with what a cheat day is, it's basically when you take one day out of the week and eat foods you typically wouldn't eat the 6 other days of the week. Although...

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Sirloin Spinach Salad

This sirloin spinach salad is so delicious that it's hard to believe it's actually healthy. This salad is a particularly good option for those who follow a low carb diet. It works well as lunch or for supper. When it comes to making this salad, I recommend making at...

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Watermelon Berry Pizza

Seeing as it's now summer, this recipe is a great way to get some watermelon into your daily nutrition along with some some berries and greek yogurt. This recipe is incredibly delicious and extremely satisfying. It works well as breakfast, a mid morning snack,...

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