Although I do not plan on writing a ton of motivational posts, I do have a few in mind that I think will be quite helpful.  I find most motivational bloggers come off as VERY cheesy and the absolute last thing I want to do is turn into “Mitchel the fromagester.”

Most “motivational bloggers” have me snickering or straight up laughing out loud.  Most of them are more focused on assuring you how “alpha” they are as opposed to writing useful content.

Anyhow, let’s get started.

We’ve all come across negative people at some point or another.

Some may be negative all the time, while others are just negative over certain things.

This person could be a close friend, a coworker, a family member, or someone you just bump into from time to time.

Generally speaking, you probably feel a bit down yourself after having an interaction with such a person.

Their negative energy lingers, and in some cases it can downright ruin your day.

Now some of the people I mentioned above (coworkers, close friends, and even family members) may actually be really cool people 95% of the time.

It’s that 5% of the time that’s really troublesome though.

Sure, everyone has bad days (some more than others), but when people constantly doubt you it can really throw you into a tailspin.

For example, let’s say you’ve always been overweight.

You’ve been carrying around an extra 50lbs for years now.

You finally decide enough is enough and it’s time to lose some weight.

Some people may laugh at you and say, “You don’t have the will power to lose weight.”

The same people may also laugh if you change up your wardrobe and are all of sudden more stylish.

You may be considering an online business and are told, “It’ll never work.  Don’t waste your time.”

You may want to improve the quality of women you date and are told you can’t do that either.

These are just a few examples of things you may encounter while attempting some self improvements.  As some of you may know, not everyone will be supportive of your goals.  In fact, some people will get borderline angry and hope you fail miserably.

The next time you are told you can’t do something which you are obviously capable of with commitment and discipline……


For example, you’re trying to get in shape and someone is constantly cracking jokes about your new lifestyle.

Is this person in shape themselves?


You want to meet higher quality women and are laughed at for even talking so “foolish.”

Does this person date high quality women?  Better yet, does this person even go on dates?

I think in 95% of cases(or more) you’ll find the people trying to bring you down are failing miserably with the goals you want to/can achieve.

The other 5% (people that have actually achieved your goals) that put you down are what we call DOUCHEBAGS!

The person laughing at you for trying to be more fit is often in terrible shape.  They’re rocking man boobs and a spare tire.

The person saying you can’t date higher quality women is someone who usually settles and dates low quality women.

The person laughing about your new wardrobe looks like they haven’t bought any new clothes within the last 10 years.

These people generally don’t fit the mold to which you want to frame.

The main reason people act this way in my opinion is good ole JEALOUSY.

Most people who put down your self improvement efforts are jealous of you.

They envy your determination and wish they had the will power to do the same.

In the case of friends, maybe you’ve all been overweight in the past and would get together for some wings, pizza, or some other snack throughout the week while playing cards or some other type of social event.

Now that you’ve changed your eating habits up, you don’t partake in the unhealthy eating while attending this event.

Maybe you and your group of friends never dated many women before?

Now that you’ve been getting some dates, they tell you it was just luck.

Deep down they’re likely jealous that you’ve taken action while they struggle to do so themselves.

Some friends may even worry you’ll leave them behind and forget about them altogether.

One thing I’ve found effective throughout the years when dealing with negative people is,

Just smile and nod when they start talking negatively about your goals.

There’s no need to cause a scene over this.

If someone says “Man, you’re so weird carrying around meals with you.  Lighten up a bit would ya?” You may also hear, “Man, have a slice of pizza like everyone else.  It’s not going to kill you” with a big smirk on their face. (Oddly, some people will try and force feed junkfood down your throat when they know you’re trying to lose weight)

DO NOT say, “Well, since summer is around the corner, I want to be lean, not a fat looking blob like you who looks like you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before.”

Saying something like that is just ignorant and unnecessary.

No one likes a bragger!

Ultimately it’ll be you who has the last laugh come beach season, but no need to mention it.

Besides, some of these people are really cool to be around 95% of the time anyways.

They may be buddies from a sports team(rec or organized), a friend from work, people you get together with to watch sporting events, a golf partner, or whatever it may be.

As I said, just smile and nod if they doubt you, or better yet…..

Don’t bring up topics you suspect are going to upset them.

Carry on with your goals without mentioning them, especially  if  you think it’s going to upset them.  Continue improving your  physique, your career goals, your wardrobe, or whatever you goal is without talking about it.

And finally….


For guys a bit weak minded, it can be easy to take this negativity to heart,

“Maybe they are right.  I guess I am just destined to be a failure”

Closing thoughts

So as you can see, you may face some “turbulence” so to speak when trying to accomplish your goals. However, don’t let this deter you from pushing forward and achieving them.

In fairness to friends and family members who doubt you, maybe it’s rightly justified?  Perhaps you’ve never followed through with anything in the past and they’re wondering why this time will be any different?

I don’t recommend dropping these people out of your life as it would be quite boring to have no friends.  No friend/family member is going to agree with everything you say or do.

However, if someone is constantly bringing you down and is negative 95% of the time, you may need to ask yourself……

“What value does this person bring to my life?”

“Would I be better off removing all contact with this person?”

Ultimately it’s up to you to prove those who doubt you wrong.  Actions speak louder than words!


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