Before I get started on the actual topic of this article, I would like to take this opportunity to answer a question a lot of you probably feel like asking me,

“Mitchel, why don’t you speak more negatively about women? Are you a “mangina,” a “white knight,” or have you just yet to “swallow the red pill?”

Well, for one, I don’t feel any hatred towards women to begin with. I suppose you could say I’ve been quite lucky with women thus far in life. Although I didn’t meet a lot of women in my early 20’s, I did take care of the important things, so it was fairly smooth sailing for me when I did meet them. Like anyone, though, I would experience “swings” from time to time, get flaked on once in while, but I was able to get the “types” of women I wanted for the most part.

And, no, I am not a “mangina” or a “white knight.” I have never ONCE encouraged guys to tolerate poor behavior from women, nor will I EVER! As for the different colors of “pills,” I find it all pretty ridiculous to be perfectly honest.

I don’t see a problem with women getting certain jobs nowadays either. That is, assuming they are actually qualified and physically capable of doing the job. It would be foolish for a woman to complain she didn’t get a particular job because she was female, while in reality, she wasn’t qualified or capable of doing the job.

I suppose deep down, for the most part, you could say I’m quite Liberal. I don’t have a problem with people of different races, religions, orientations, etc., etc. My thoughts are people are free to do what they want because here’s the reality of things…


Having said that, one thing I do have a BIG problem with nowadays is the fact that basically ANYTHING a man can say is deemed either “misogynistic ” or “sexist.” I read an article earlier this year and words cannot express how incredibly moronic I thought it was. It was by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Air conditioning is sexist? What’s next, new study finds certain size door handles are misogynistic?

Earlier this summer I made a comment that I took some real flack for. I was at the beach with this girl and we were chatting. She told me I was getting old and I NEEDED to get married and have kids basically ASAP. I find it quite hilarious that once you hit about 25 or so as a male that people will constantly tell you this. It’s as if the female population is dying off and there won’t be any single, desirable women in a couple years time so you better hurry now while you still can.

Anyways, this particular girl asked me what I considered important in a potential wife. I replied, “Well, looks are obviously important. I want a woman I’m physically attracted to. Personality is important, too, though. Over time, looks will fade.”

She seemed furious and replied, “Did you seriously just say that? Looks will fade? My mom is 53 (forget the exact age she said) and she’s still really hot.”

When I said looks will fade over time, I didn’t mean a woman will turn to mush in a couple years time. Assuming she takes care of herself, you can still be very physically attracted to her, but she is going to age. NO ONE escapes aging. I’m well aware that I won’t look as good 20 years from now. No one can honestly say a woman/man will look better at 50 than 25.

Seeing as everyone ages, it’s important to think of other qualities in a woman aside from her looks. If you’re interested in a woman ONLY because of her looks, you may be in for a rude awakening down the road.

angry woman

I feel confident saying that guys with little dating experience will often obsess over looks. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a really attractive woman. However, some guys will continue to stay with a woman who’s attractive even though she’s a TERRIBLE choice for them.

I’m well aware that different guys have different preferences when it comes to women. Guess what? That’s fine. It’s your life! I’m not going to spew the typical, “It’s all about what’s inside that counts, man.” I know looks are important and the good news is that you can get a combination of both looks and the “other things.”

I think eventually most guys will be able to get the “types” of women they’re physically attracted to out on dates. After that, you’ll start to want more than that. Below is a list of the “other things” aside from her looks that are important if you plan on being with her for any period of time.

Easy going

Although these are in no particular order, an easy going personality is one of the most important qualities when it comes to a long tern commitment. Without doing any research online about “stats” and such, I can confidently say that aside from a woman letting herself go physically that a nagging woman is by far the biggest turn off for men. If she is not easy to get along with now, you most certainly will be in for some headaches down the road. Sure, there will be ups and downs, but an easy going personality for the most part is key. She allows you to do your own thing and isn’t constantly nagging you about minimal/insignificant things. She’s willing to compromise. Easy going would also include being open to new activities the two of you could try together.

On the same page


Being on the same page can mean multiple things, but the main two things I wanted to touch on are financial and family preferences.

Being on the same page financially is huge. You are both are aiming for the same goal. Perhaps you are trying to live a bit more modestly for the next 20 years or so you can build your dream house? Perhaps you want to save for the dream retirement? Perhaps neither one of you could care a less about material possessions and want to spend the bulk of your free money on traveling? If you’re not seeing eye to eye on this, you could be in for some rough sailing. Money problems are one of the main reasons why a lot of couples break up/get divorced.

Also, family preferences are huge as well. For example, let’s say you don’t want kids and she made it quite clear early on that she wants to have kids….. and soon. It’s best to be honest about this rather than lead her on. Likewise, perhaps it’s you who wants kids and she has no interest in having them? If you really want kids, you would be better off moving on to another woman who’s on the same page with you on this one.


This should be pretty obvious but I thought I’d mention it anyways. If you can’t trust her, how can you have a relationship with her? Any guy who has met a few women before has likely met some who were the furthest thing from a quality woman and not trustworthy AT ALL. Although this can be hard to describe in words, sometimes you “just know” that she’s a loyal woman.

Health Conscious


Although this is somewhat related to her looks, it’s much more than that.

A woman who places an emphasis on being healthy will be much better to be in a relationship with. She’ll have more energy and will be happier in general. Seeing as obesity is on the rise nowadays, it’s important to have a woman who sets a good example for your kids (assuming you want them). I just can’t picture sending my kids off to school with juice boxes, fruit snacks, having them develop poor eating habits at an early age and potentially turning them into diabetics.

I very much prefer a woman who leads a cleaner lifestyle. I rarely ever drink alcohol so I like a woman who drinks minimally as well. I can’t even begin to describe how disgusting I find smoking to be. Like kissing an ashtray? Also, drug use of ANY kind is a no dice for me. I’m just not into “420 friendly” woman who like to “spark a j” to “loosen up” after a long day’s work.

A nice compliment to your life

Although I don’t believe women are the ultimate key to your happiness, I do believe a great woman can be a nice addition to your life.

She brings out the best in you and you’re constantly striving to be a better man.

Conversely, though, get the wrong woman, and you’ll have all kinds of drama and unnecessary stresses.

Good communication


When I say good communication, I mean 2 things.

For one, you actually communicate well together. You stay in touch and she lets you know what’s up.

Secondly, you’re able to have a good conversation with her. This is essential in a relationship. Sometimes you can have very deep, intelligent conversations with women you have very little in common with. You just “click” and communicate well.

Any guy who’s met a few women before likely knows that although there may be tons of mutual physical attraction, sometimes there’s very little of a emotional connection, and as a result, it’s almost impossible to have a meaningful conversation. This reminds of “Becky” that I spoke of in the younger women article. Although she was a total “knockout,” it was almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with her. I honestly felt like gouging out my eyes.

Good family values


Although you may not exactly want kids at the moment, it’s always comforting to see a woman who’s good with kids.

It’s also nice when a woman speaks highly of her family and is close with them. It’s more likely she will be a good wife and have better morals.

Thoughtful and kind

Who doesn’t want a woman who is genuinely kind and thoughtful?

She treats others well and legitimately cares about you.

I don’t think I know any guy who doesn’t like to receive text messages that say, “I hope you’re having a good day :)” or “Can’t wait to see you again ;)”

Closing thoughts

I’m not saying that a woman needs to click off ALL of the above in order to be a long term girlfriend or potential wife, but it’s important have more than just physical attraction going.

Also, I would like to say that there is NOTHING wrong with wanting a commitment. The reality of things is that not every guy wants to be some “player.” Lots of guys couldn’t care a less about that. They just want one good woman and would love to settle down and have a family. That is totally fine!

I’ve read some “advice” before that encouraged guys to keep a few women on the side in order to prevent from being needy and such in a relationship. This is TERRIBLE advice. For one, I don’t consider it be moral. If you don’t actually want a relationship, then don’t get into one. And if you want a relationship, it’s better to get into that “mode.” Again, the decisions you make in your life are ultimately up to you, but how stupid would you feel if you got caught cheating and ruined  things with a woman you really liked because you were trying to be a “bad boy?” Keep in mind that most of the women you meet WILL NOT make a good long term choice so it’s stupid to purposely blow it with a great woman.

Anyhow, just a few thoughts on some things that are important in women aside from their looks. Let me know in the comment section if there’s any more you feel are important as well.


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