An article I frequently refer to is The Essentials. In the essentials, I mention money. Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on money.

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It is essential

Money is essential for survival these days. Long gone are the days of living in the wilderness and hunting for your own food.

Although you don’t need all the “toys” and modern day luxuries to survive, you most certainly do need food, clothing, and a place to lay your head at night.

Piece of mind

Having a little money tucked away will give you some piece of mind. As anyone knows, unexpected expenses come up from time to time. If for some reason your car needed a repair, you know you can get it fixed without breaking your bank account.

Having some spare cash will put your mind at ease and prevent you from constantly worrying.

Sign of an accomplishment

Generally speaking, having some money tends to be a sign of a great accomplishment in life.

If you didn’t inherit the family fortune, or you weren’t born into money, this often means you completed a challenging educational program, or built a thriving business. However you did it, congrats!

Status conveyor

No doubt about this at all.

When you have money, you often have status. Fair or not, there’s denying that people with money are treated better in society.


In my opinion, this may very well be the best reason to try and increase your bank account.

When you have money, you have freedom. You can easily afford to go on those luxurious vacations, you can buy that sports car you want, or basically any other flashy gadget you so desire. If you have a lot of money, you can basically do whatever you want, whenever you want.

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Money DOESN’T buy happiness

Although money can certainly buy you a lot of materialistic possessions, I don’t believe it can technically buy you happiness.

I recall an interesting conversation I had one day with female co-worker of mine. She told me that she was considering a business and said although the money would be nice, it wasn’t everything to her. She told me her uncle was a lawyer and one day he told her how much he hated his job. He said although he has tons of money and could basically buy anything he wanted, he never has time to do anything. He starts work at 8 in the morning and most days he’s still working come midnight. She said he even told her if he could do it all over again he would have never became a lawyer.

I also recall a woman once telling me how different the mentalities were in different parts of the world she’s visited. In Canada, for example, we to tend be more materialistic. If one were to own a 2103 car, we’d complain it wasn’t a 2015. She said in Australia, people had more the mentality of, “Wow, I turn my car on and it starts. It even gets me from point A to point B. Surfs up, dude.”

Money can cause greed

To quote a popular verse from the bible, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

There’s definitely a lot of truth to that verse.

Money can cause even the straightest of shooters to do all kinds of corrupt and unethical things for the chance to increase their own bank account.

Ability to help others less fortunate

Now this does not necessarily mean donating thousands to charity. You would be surprised at how a small gesture of generosity can impact others less fortunate.

Although I don’t particularly care to give money to “street bums,” one night I was approached by a guy who looked very down on his luck. He said he hadn’t eaten all day and would appreciate any spare change I had. I pride myself on being good at reading people and really did believe him. Rather than giving him money, I said, “I’ll buy you a slice pizza.” There was a pizza place right behind us and I went in and bought him a slice and a can of pop. His face light up with a smile, he thanked me multiple times, and I knew he was grateful.

I’m not encouraging guys to constantly be giving away money, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt. I’ll be the first to admit the whole, “Would you like to donate a dollar to (insert some major fundraising corporation where the “administrative staff” gets 80% of the funds collected)” can be annoying as hell.

Impact on the dating world

Money definitely plays a factor in the dating world.

As with looks, all things being equal, generally speaking, a guy in better financial shape is going to do better with woman. The guy with more money can provide women with the security and lifestyle that a guy worse off just isn’t capable of.

That being said, however, your goals in regards to women play a HUGE factor in this. For long term relationships, money plays a bigger factor than for guys just looking for hookups.

In fact, for purely hookups, money isn’t really that important. Looking good + being able to close + having a place close by is all you really need. A guy who looks like Channing Tatum who can seal the deal is going to do better than an unattractive rich guy.

Yes, unfortunately, if you don’t make/have that much money some women will not be interested in you. It’s not necessarily that they’re “gold diggers”, they may have rich parents and are accustomed to a certain lifestyle and feel as though it’ll come to an end if they were to get serious with you.

I would like to caution guys to be VERY careful around women who ONLY seem interested in you for your money. Any guy who’s met a few women before has likely met a few who seemed very interested in your wallet. I remember a guy once telling me about a woman who approached him before at a bar in Alberta, Canada, and the first thing she said was, “How much do you make a year?” Anyone with a half a brain would have immediately walked away!

Another thing to keep in mind is that although you may not be in great financial shape today, working hard on your financial situation and having a lot of “upswing” can be attractive to women as well.

I’m well aware that some men are passionate about their career whether it pays well or not. If your job doesn’t pay really well but you love what you do, being financially responsible is key.

Closing thoughts

I personally believe every guy should be trying to increase their bank accounts as there’s really nothing negative about having a little extra cash :)

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