Although I will continue to give you guys more and more actionable steps to improve your overall self in the months to come, please excuse me while I get slightly off topic for this article. I intended to write something on Matt Forney long before this, but never got around to it until now.

So who exactly is Matt Forney?

Matt is an author, journalist, blogger, and entrepreneur originally from Syracuse, New York. He’s also a proud member of the “manosphere elite.” Or are they still “red pill bloggers?” Or have all manospherians converted to “neomasculinity?” Bleh, I have no idea what they “officially” label themselves as anymore. Thanks, Roosh, for making things so confusing.

In case you were wondering what Forney looks like, wonder no more as a pic of him is included below.

Disclaimer: In the event a female pukes on you upon viewing this pic of Matt Forney, will not be responsible for any dry cleaning expenses you may incur.

forneyNow that you had a chance to see what Forney looks like, let’s take a closer look at some of his writing. Something that became rather obvious to me right away was his utter hatred for women. Forney is constantly complaining about women and has written some real “gems” over the years:

5 reasons why you should not date Indian girls

5 reasons why girls with tattoos and piercings are broken 

How to beat your girlfriend or wife and get away with it

Forney appears to thrive off attention and loves to write “click-bait” articles.

When Forney isn’t writing “shocker” articles about women/complaining about feminism, he blasts fat people and appears be part of the “fat shaming posse.”  Proof of this is indicated here and here. He even went as far as to write a book called, “Big Lovin,” which is guide that shows you how to pick up, seduce and bang overweight and obese women. Matt was sharp, though, and indicated this was a “satirical” book in order to avoid any confusion. At first glance, it would be easy for one to assume it was a non-fictional account of his love life. 

Anyhow, if you thought Matt’s “fat shaming” was strange, his MGTOW obsession is even more bizarre. Forney has a very simplistic mind and claims MGTOW are basement-dwelling virgins who jack off to porn all day while eating Cheetos.

While watching that video, one thing was rather obvious to me, Matt DOES NOT look like the kind of guy who lives in his mom’s basement and jacks off to porn all day while eating cheetos. In fact, if you were to show Forney’s pic to someone who didn’t know him and suggest such a thing, you’d be blasted for being jealous and a hater. I mean, look at the guy. Who wouldn’t be jealous?


I’ve noticed that Forney appears to be closely affiliated with PUA, Roosh V, and contributes as a writer on Roosh’s V garbage site, returnofkings. Oh, by the way, I should add, following Roosh V’s dating advice is the PERFECT way to become frustrated with women and get “jacked” forearms (well, at least one) without ever stepping foot in the gym :P


Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Roosh V, and other manosphere elders, Forney decided it was time to leave the US behind and move to a third world country for a change. Forney chose the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Matt’s hunky looks made him a hot commodity with all the babes online. He was regularly receiving compliments as he stated in this article.

“They’ll say, “Oh, I read your profile, it’s very funny.” Or they’ll comment on your picture, “Ha, ha.” Or they’ll say, “Oh, blah, blah, blah, you’re an author, what do you write?” It’s obvious they aren’t reading shit and they’re just messaging me because they think I’m cute or they think I’m handsome or whatever, or “guwapo,” or “box office.”” Those are the terms they use in the Philippines. If a girl describes you as “box office,” it means she thinks you’re handsome.”

In fact, Matt was such a “mack daddy” on the dating site, Flipino Cupid, he had shut off his messages and notifications. No, really.

“I had to disable email notifications because I was getting hundreds of likes and messages a day from Filipinas. It’s absolutely insane.”


Forney even gave some financial tips,

“Another thing you want to be aware of, do not ever, ever pay any more attention to a girl who starts trying to get you with sob stories. This is again fairly common, because there are a lot of idiot chumps on the site who will wire money to a girl in the third world who just gives him a sob story. The girls here are smart. They may not necessarily say, “Oh, give me money,” or whatever, but they’ll start complaining; oh, they have difficulty affording their college tuition, or, “Oh, my grandmother died,” or, “Oh, my pet died,” something like that.

If she starts whining at any point about her life, next her, because, number one, it’s only going to be a matter of time before she starts hitting you up for money; and, number two, it shows that she really has a low resilience personality. Why would you want to be with a girl who’s just going to whine constantly? A girl who just complains about everything is going to be a big pain in the ass and won’t be any fun to be around.

So if a girl starts whining about anything or trying to hit you up for money, next her. Don’t ever send money to a chick that you aren’t having sex with. And for that matter, be very careful about spending money on girls that you are having sex with. It’s a truism no matter where you are, in the Philippines or the U.S. or wherever.”

While reading Forney’s article, all I could do is think of this article and wonder if Forney was “tipping” in the Philippines without even knowing it?

Anyhow, Forney apparently loved the Philippines so much that he decided it was time to finally educate white women where they are going wrong, and call them out for the fat, i-phone addicted whores they really are. Forney wrote 6 things white girls can learn from Filipinas. White Ladies, listen up if you too want to land a man like Matt Forney, and become the envy of all your female friends.

I was going to ridicule Forney even further, but then stumbled upon this article. In it, Forney claims

“In the past year, I’ve had no less than five different girls cheat on their boyfriends or husbands—or attempt to cheat—with me. I’m not talking about seedy hookups on Tinder where I found out the girl was attached after I banged her, but normal girls I knew socially who decided I was the man they wanted to have an affair with. Some examples of the girls I’ve encountered:

  • An Ivy League-educated housewife in her early twenties who tried to make a move on me when I visited her and her husband some time ago. She later divorced her husband so she could shack up with a friend of mine (and fellow manosphere blogger), then dumped him to get gangbanged by a bunch of survivalists in Wyoming. You can read the full story here.
  • A young groupie of mine who flew out to hang out with me in upstate New York without disclosing the fact that she had a boyfriend back home. You can read more about what happened here.
  • A girl who sent me unsolicited nudes despite having a boyfriend.

I’m not going to argue the morality of banging other mens’ wives. While I don’t take the view that I’m a moral innocent in these affairs, I’m also not going around looking for these girls; it was they who went after me.”

Owwww ouuuu, Matt. I’m sorry, dawg. Will you forgive me? I had no idea you were such a hit with the laydees. What is your secret? Is it that flawless physique? Your impeccable style (by the way, I love the stretched neck t-shirt look. VERY stylish!)? Or do you extort the sexiest of body odors?

Can we set up a bootcamp pronto so I can watch you work your magic in person? I admit it, Matt, my “game” could use some work. I’m nowhere near the level of you! I’ll pay top dollar, bro. I don’t want to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch you woo women with your charm and ridiculous good looks. Would it be possible to include Roosh, too?


Two gurus are better than one. Besides, Roosh is the godfather of “alpha males,”isn’t he?

Perhaps Roosh will reveal his most advanced palm reading techniques. You know, the ones he saves for the HB 9’s and 10’s.

In all honesty, though, am I missing something here? What is wrong with men these days? Who in their right  @#$%ing mind would take dating advice from Matt Forney or Roosh V? Neither one of these bozo’s could get a quality woman out on a date if their lives depended on it.

I mean, just one look at Roosh’s “game” advice, and anyone with half a brain would IMMEDIATELY discredit him as a legitimate resource. The same can be said about Forney.

Although Matt most likely has no luck with the ladies, you certainly can’t take anything away from his fitness advice.

In fact, below is a pic of Matt in peak physical condition. (photo courtesy of Forney’s twitter)

forn( As you can see when it comes to health and fitness, Matt not only talks the talks, he walks the walk.)

If you hop over to his blog, you’ll see all kinds of supplements he uses to get that elusive physique. Matt takes his supplementation VERY seriously. In this review, Fonrney says,

“I actually give a crap about my personal appearance, which is why I’m constantly seeking out solutions to slow down and reverse aging.”

But, wait, not only does Matt supplement, he lifts as well.

Matt, bro, dude, dawwwwg, would you please write out your workout plan ASAP? Please, Matt, please! Us, your fans,will pay top dollar, bro. We too want in on that lean, sexy, muscular build. To even get half that physique and have women drooling over us all day would make our lives complete. Phil who?

It’s worth noting that Forney has written several books. Just like his blog posts, Forney’s books appear to be filled with useless information as well. He’s written one called, “Confessions of an online hustler.”

Matt, I have an idea for your next book. I even had the cover designed for you.


Let me know what you think. Also, if you want a copy without the watermark, just contact me, brah!

Closing Thoughts

As you likely guessed, I DO NOT consider Matt Forney to be a legit dude. I’m sure most guys following this blog wouldn’t have been fooled by him in the first place, but I thought I’d have a little fun :P

Let me know if you want me to do more of these “douchebag mockery” type articles? They will never be the “meat” of the content on this blog, but I’d be open to doing some more of them if people are interested. Roosh V and ROK writers seem like good candidates for future articles in the “douchebag mockery” section.

Also, IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW! Although most of my videos more or less are the same as the articles, this one is NOT. If you enjoyed the article, you may find this video funny as well.

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