Male physical attractiveness is something I wanted to touch on further today.

I’ve always stated that looks are of VITAL importance when it comes to attracting women.

Although not fair, some men have more genetic potential than others. This is why I encourage you guys to improve what you can and not fret over things you have no control over.

When it comes to looks, however, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and it’s all relative to the woman. There’s no one particular look that EVERY woman will like. Having said that, though, if you look like Sean O’Pry in the picture below, you’d have no shortage of women interested and you could basically ask them if they wanted to pull your finger!


Anyhow, even though preferences will vary from woman to woman, here are some physical traits that women tend to find universally attractive in men:

Height- most women tend to prefer taller men. I’d be lying if I said height didn’t matter. It does and some women won’t be interested in you if you’re under a certain height. However, it’s also relative to the woman and some women will place more emphasis on this than others. If you happen to be a bit shorter ( 5’6 – 5’9), you’d be better off going for women shorter than you. For most women, their guy being at least as tall as them in heels (add an extra 3 inches to her height) is generally fine assuming the guy has other aspects of his appearance taken care of. Look around and you’ll see lots of shorter guys with attractive women. Shoe lifts are something you may want to consider, but don’t get too carried away with these. If you buy ones that make you any more than 2 inches taller, you’ll like you’re wearing “high heels for men.” Also, she’ll most certainly notice the height difference when you take them off.

Thick, full head of hair- if hair wasn’t in the cards for you then it’s best to just shave it off. You’ll actually look worse with super thin hair or a combover. If you’re not too far gone you could always consider trying some Finasteride and/or some Minixodil. Here are some amazing results with just one or a combination of the drugs alone. I STRONGLY discourage guys from buying shady “black market” versions of either drug online. Talk to your doctor and get a real prescription if you so choose to go that route.

Good style- preferences will vary from woman to woman but it is VERY important. Much more on this at a later time but check out the two different pictures of me. In the first one, I am wearing a wearing old, loose fitted clothing with gym shoes.fashbefore

In the second one, I am dressed in better fitted clothing and some stylish shoes.


Nice smile/nice teeth- a nice smile will make a woman melt. Even if you’re teeth aren’t the best, make sure to keep them clean and white.

High cheekbones/well defined jaw- although good bone structure is purely genetic, lowering your body fat can DRASTICALLY improve your facial features! Check out this thread on the forum for some proof. This before and after picture is amazing. It’s also great proof that you are NEVER too far gone!


Lean/fit physique- although I’m not going to go into great detail about this now, abs, a nice butt, and muscular arms generally tend to be the top 3 body parts women like. There’s no reason WHATSOEVER to be out of shape. This is well within your control. I’ve already raved about the benefits of getting in shape and healthy, give you guys healthy recipes, and even free workout plans, it’s up to you to follow through with this.

Nice eyes- this will vary from woman to woman but nice eyes are definitely very attractive to women.

Particular ethnicity- although some of you guys may not want to hear this, race plays a VITAL role when it comes to WHICH women will be attracted to you. This is especially true when it comes to white women. White women tend to be deemed the “gold standard” when it comes to women. Overall, I think white women are the most attractive race. However, I also believe that white women tend to prefer white men. I’m not saying you can’t get white women if you’re not white, but you most likely will have a more difficult time doing so. While I think white women are the most overall attractive race, I think it’s a BIG mistake to act like they’re the only race. Personally, I think there’s attractive women of all races that are equally as attractive as white women. You’re so limiting yourself with the “white girl or bust” mentality. I recall seeing stuff online before where ethnic guys would complain about being invisible to white women and have basically “thrown in the towel” on dating since tall, white, super model caliber women aren’t interested in them. I also find it silly when I hear crap like, “white guys can get ANY girl.” Like white women, I believe white men are generally the most sought after race. However, lots of ethnic women are only interested in ethnic men.

Although everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and preferences will vary from woman to woman as to what they find attractive in a man, I think the BIGGEST factor in male attractiveness is age. Although it depends on the male, I tend to believe men are in the prime of their looks somewhere between ages 25-35. Again, this will depend on the man.

Mark Paul Gosselar is someone who was in his prime much earlier in life. The first pic of Gosselar is him at age 19 and the second one is him at age 28. As you can see, he’s well past him prime at age 28.

young mpmpg older

A guy like Brad Pitt, on the other hand, was likely in his prime a bit later on in life. Below is a pic of Brad Pitt in his early 20’s and then again at age 35.

young brad pittbradpitt35

In fact, as odd it as it may sound, Brad Pitt may have actually looked his BEST at age 41 when he starred in Ocean’s Twelve. Brad Pitt is basically a “genetic god,” though.


Tom Brady is another guy who clearly looked better as he got a bit older and was in his prime in his early 30’s. Here he is at age 23 and then again at age 30.

young tom bradytom brady 30

Also, here is Tom Cruise at age 39.


Chances are, though, unless you inherited genes like Tom Cruise’s, Tom Brady’s, or Brad Pitt’s, if you’re past 35, you’re most likely past your prime in looks. However, a few grey hairs or a couple wrinkles does not mean it’s “game over” for a man. A man can still be quite physically attractive in his 40’s and 50’s assuming he keeps up with his style and physique. Daniel Craig is a perfect example of this.


(he’s 47)

Now, not only does age play an important factor with peak male physical attractiveness, age also plays a big factor as to WHICH women will find you attractive.

I believe that looks are of most importance to younger women (aged 19-23). Most women this age tend to obsessed with “hot guys.” In fact, some women in this age bracket will actually put down “hot guys” as of one of their interests on dating sites like POF. I once met a girl who did just that and it was almost impossible to have a conversation with her.

Seeing as I spent ages 28 and 29 dating women much younger than me, I can confirm you can still be considered very “hot” to these women if you take care of yourself. I think part of the reason I was able to deemed “hot” to these women is because I feel hit more of my “prime” looks wise around 28. Although I had always taken care of myself, I had a very young look to me when I was in my early 20’s and had a little too much of a “baby face.” Things seem to have somewhat “evened out” since then and I have gotten way more attention from women in the past 2 years than I ever have before. Having said that, however, I’m not naive. I’m well aware that with each day that passes I’m becoming less and less attractive to women in that age bracket of 18-23. It’s my belief that women this age are most attracted to men their own age or slightly older. They often prefer a more “youthful look.” While on this topic of young women, I think a lot of guys around my age would have very little in common with women this age to begin with.

Anyhow, although I may be slowly becoming less attractive to women in the 18-23 range, I feel I am becoming more attractive to women in the range of 24-30. I believe that women in this age bracket tend to prefer men around their own age or even several years older. I don’t believe women in this age bracket are quite as obsessed with young, boyish looks as women aged 19-23 generally are. I don’t believe a guy like Justin Bieber would have as much appeal to women aged 24-30.


A guy like Chris Hemsworth, however, would likely have a lot of appeal to women aged 24-30.

chris hemsworth

Don’t get me wrong, someone like Chris Hemsworth still has LOTS of appeal to women aged 19-23, but he’s probably more attractive to women in the age range of 24-30.

After age 30, I think women women generally prefer men around their age or even slightly younger. Again, I am talking solely about what women find physically attractive in men.

Now seeing as I’ve discussed the importance of age in regards to peak male physical attractiveness, I now want to discuss aging. Aging is something that no one escapes. It’s inevitable! Although you can’t escape aging, you can certainly age gracefully.

Some guys seem to defy aging. A perfect example, in my opinion, would be Mario Lopez. I saw this “Saved by the Bell reunion” earlier this year and was shocked by Lopez. Lopez looks to have hardly aged a day (unlike Mark Paul Gosselar).

As I’ve said before, even though I’m 30, people generally guess me to be around 24-27 (one person actually thought I was only 23 a couple months ago). On average, though, people generally think I’m 25. This is definitely nice to hear as I get a bit older. I certainly know from looking on social media outlets that some people I went to high school with have aged horribly and look like they’re pushing 40. Anyhow, here’s a few things I do/have done that I believe help keep me looking more youthful. I’ll be going into MUCH more detail about each in the future but thought I’d touch on each briefly now:

I don’t smoke- I would say smoking is one of the quickest way to age VERY quickly. It takes a real toll on your skin, hair, and rots out your teeth.

Consciousness about sun exposure- I’ll be the first to admit that I like the sun as much as anyone. However, when I know I’m going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, for the most part, I have and will continue to apply sunscreen. Seeing as I live Canada, though, I’m not exposed to dangerous UV rays for too much of the year anyways. It’s cold in Canada, man!

I don’t do drugs- I’m very passionate about a cleaner lifestyle so drug use is not part of my repertoire.

I drink minimal alcohol- although there’s claims that a glass of wine per day may actually be good for your health (not 100% sure I believe this), too much alcohol will obviously take a toll on you. Aside from destroying your liver, alcohol dehydrates your skin and causes it to age much quicker than normal. Lucky for me, I don’t have a “love for alcohol.” I actually think beer tastes gross and don’t really enjoy “hard stuff” either. I will sometimes go 3 or 4 months without even having a sip of booze.

I generally sleep 8 hours a night- Not only does proper sleep have a positive impact on your mental state, your weight, and your immune systems, it has a big impact on how well you age.

I moisturize everyday- This may sound strange to some but I have moisturized my face EVERY single day for the past 10 years. Even if I am traveling, I still take it with me. I’m a huge believer that moisturizer helps keep your skin soft, hydrated, and gives it a healthy glow. I think you guys would be impressed at what a difference you would see in just a week’s time by applying it to your face each time after you finish showering.

I lead a fairly stress-free life- Life is fun! Well, sometimes it is. It’s a chaotic world we live in and even a cruel one at times (tip: if you stop watching channels like CNN you’ll probably be a much happier person in general :P) but I can still see some good out there. I tend to handle life’s punches pretty well and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve even been accused of being “too laid back” before.

Regular exercise- For the the past 10 years, I have gone to the gym AT LEAST 4 times a week EVERY single week aside from one week that I took off. I took one week off back in my early 20’s because I read somewhere you should take a week off every 6 months. Since then, I have not missed a week. I generally go 5-6 times a week. Even if traveling, I still take my gym gear with me. It comes down to wanting it.

Minimal processed foods- For the most part, I tend to eat a fairly healthy diet. I mainly stick to lean proteins, protein shakes, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice). Although I enjoy some treats from time to time, I am cautious about sugar consumption as it causes very fast aging.

My hair- I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have great hair (my hair is fine but always has been), however, I still have about 95% of it. I have some mild temple recession but nothing too serious. That being said, I do take 1.25 mg’s of Finasteride per day to halt it or at the very least slow it down. My doctor prescribed it to me and it costs me less than $6 per month. I get 5 mg tablets and cut them into 1/4’s. They cut up very easily with a pill cutter. I may write a post on Finasteride sometime, but I’ve had ZERO side effects about 6 months into it. Talk to your doctor about it if you’re interested.


(This is not actually “mint flavored” Finasteride. Mint is the pharmaceutical company.)

Also, I believe I only have 1 or 2 gray hairs. Although keeping most of my hair and not graying is purely genetic, it definitely makes me look younger.

Genetics- I would say that genetics are BY FAR the most important factor in aging. I very much do believe the other factors I mentioned are important but genetics play the biggest factor. Although I believe my dad looks his age, my mom could probably pass for being 10 years younger than she is. There’s no doubt that you know someone who seems to get away with everything. They smoke, they eat mostly junk food, they binge drink and yet look YEARS younger than they really are. However, these people are rare and most people would age crazy fast and be unhealthy if they copied their habits.

Closing thoughts

I hope this article shed  some light on what generally is considered attractive for males. Don’t get stressed out if you don’t check off all the boxes. The harsh reality, as anyone knows who’s spent some time in public knows, very few guys look like a male model. Also, keep in mind that you can still look great into your 40’s and 50’s assuming you age well ;)




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