The age old question.

Do looks matter when it comes to attracting women?

Well, the answer to that is……..

YES, YES, YES, and YES! They matter A LOT!

That being said, however, there’s lots you can do to improve your looks if you missed out by a bit on the genetic lottery, and as you’ll hear a lot on this site, “Be the best you can with what you have”

At some point or another you’ve likely heard a woman say, “Give me a man that’s tall, dark and handsome (usually rich is thrown in there too).”

Are 100% of males out there tall, dark and handsome?


Looks like there’s hope yet then if you missed out one of the three.

Perhaps you even missed out on all three? Hang on, there’s still hope.

All things being equal, who do you think will have more success with women?

Jason Alexander or Brad Pitt? (Sorry, George, I’m a big Seinfeld fan too)


If both men have the exact same qualities, the better looking guy will do better with women than the less attractive guy. (Generally speaking that is)

That’s just how things are.

Life’s not always fair!

I knew this guy back when I was in my early 20’s, I’m 29 now, that we’ll call Mike.

Anyways, Mike is about 10 years older than me and is the PERFECT example of following the advice of, “Being the best you can with what you have”

You see, Mike is short(like 5’4 tops), bald, and not overly handsome either, yet he always had very attractive women around him.

How could this be?

Well, Mike was always very fit, dressed to the nines, groomed well, extremely funny, and…….had a TON of confidence.

I mean, obviously Mike is well aware that he’s short, bald, and not overly handsome.

However, he makes the best of things he CAN change.

That’s the point I’m trying to make here.

To all the guys out there saying,

“I’m too short”

“I’m too bald”

“I’m too fat”

“I don’t know how to dress right”

“My skin’s not the right color”

or whatever your excuse may be, realize there’s things you can change and things you cannot change.

Now we jump to the other end of the spectrum.

You probably know a guy who’s tall, handsome, great teeth, thick hair, and an athletic build who is terrible with women(this may even be you?).

How can this be?

Well, obviously this particular guy is lacking confidence and taking no action.

Now ultimately in this instance who is going to do better?

The really good looking guy that takes no action, or a guy like Mike who actually approaches women?

Now I’m not going to lie and tell you if take care of the essentials that you will be unstoppable with women.

Even if you do take care of them and are, short, bald, or not overly handsome, then yes, some women will NEVER go for you.

I’m sure as a guy there’s certain things you do not find attractive in women either.

So no matter what this woman does, you will never be interested in her.

So yes, it may take you a few more tries to get the woman you ultimately want if you missed out by a bit on the genetic lottery.

If you don’t try, though,


With this site you will get the knowledge you need to change things you DO have control over. We’ll cover transforming your physique, improving grooming habits, better overall health, a stronger mindset, and tons of other useful stuff.

Now my challenge to you is this,

Are you going to sit in your house/apartment for the rest of your life and sob away about why you can’t be successful with women?

Or, are you going to be like Mike, accept your shortcomings, maximize things you can change, and go out there and tear it up?

The only thing holding you back is yourself. The sky is the limit :)




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