Although this is fairly obvious, you can’t eat the proper foods if you don’t buy them to begin with. This means, that in essence, it all starts at the grocery store.


There’s no denying that nutrition plays a VITAL role in achieving your fitness goals, and maintaining good health.

Although this blog still in the “primary stages,” I will continue to put up recipes and eventually have a meal plan up so guys not only have tons of healthy/tasty options, but also to take the “guess work” out of things.

Basically, though, the meal plan consists of 6 small meals per day that you follow 6 days a week, and then on the 7th day you get a reward day where you can eat ANYTHING you want. Let’s get real here, there’s no way you’re going to go the rest of your life without having another treat again. I absolutely LOVE pizza and ice cream, and guess what? I eat them both from time to time.

So anyhow, back to the grocery store. What are you are buying/not buying is what will make you or break you!

Here are pics of my fridge, freezer, and counter from this morning.




There’s 2 things you may have noticed:

1. I eat the exact same foods that I am encouraging you guys to eat as well

2. I do NOT buy junk food at the grocery store

Here is a pic of my cart from yesterday at the grocery store. Although there’s not much in it as I go to the grocery store every couple days, take notice at WHAT is in it.

grocery cart

If you were to look at the fridge/freezer/cupboards of the average out of shape person, you would see that, more often that not, they are buying that they WRONG foods at the grocery store.

Next time you are at the grocery store, take a look at the average persons cart. (I can’t help but do this)

What do you see in their cart?

Most of the time it’s garbage like TV dinners, chips, ice cream, pop, french fries, or luncheon meats that are filled with preservatives and salts. They’re setting themselves up for failure.

Although I allow myself one reward day per week, I DO NOT buy unhealthy foods at the grocery store UNLESS it’s the day of my reward day. This has helped me stay on track throughout the years.

Like most people, I too like unhealthy foods and will most definitely eat them if I have easy access to them. They’re the “elephant in the room.”

One night while grabbing some frozen berries for this shake I absolutely love, I noticed that this cookie dough ice cream I really like was on sale. A pint of it is usually about $7, but it was on sale for $3.99. I figured I’d pick one up for my reward day on Sunday.

Anyhow, later that night I figured I would have just one scoop and save the rest for Sunday. Long story short, I ended up eating the WHOLE pint.

I mean, yes, even if you don’t have the foods in your place you can still head down to the store and buy them or rip through a drive-thru. If you’re determined to eat those foods, you’ll eat them. Thing is, though, you’re less likely to do so if you don’t have them at your place to begin with.

Although I encourage guys to be smart with their money and make good financial decisions, your health is worth paying slightly for more ice cream or chips even if they happen to not be sale the day of your reward day.

Speaking of  money, is eating healthier going to cost you more money?

Well, yes and no.

Your grocery bill will definitely increase, but you will mainly just be eating foods you buy at the grocery store from now on.

Unless it’s your reward day, you won’t be buying foods from vending machines or going to fast food joints.

Here are a couple tips to help you cut down on your grocery bill:

1.  Buy foods on sale even when you don’t need them

Say what?


For example, foods like oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, and spices have shelf lives upwards of 2 years.


Generally 1.2 kg’s of brown rice costs $6.99. However, it sometimes goes on sale for $4.99 or less. When I see this, I generally buy a couple. I know I’m going to eat it long before it expires.

Also, boneless/skinless chicken breasts and other meats tend to be quite expensive. If you can get a deal on meat, buy a bunch a freeze them. (I’m currently able to buy it cheap locally so don’t do this as much anymore, but definitely consider this if you get a great deal on meat)


2. Don’t fall in love with a particular brand

For example, I generally buy Silk almond milk as opposed to Almond breeze.  Silk is generally $3.99 whereas the Almond Breeze is $4.29. They’re basically the exact same ingredients wise. (If you switch from favorite brand, make sure other brand has the same ingredients) Yesterday at the grocery store, the Almond Breeze was on sale for $3.49 and the Silk was still at the regular price of $3.99. Now $0.50 savings does not sound like much, but when you save $0.50 here, a $1 here, it adds up….BIG TIME!


3.  Don’t fall in love with a particular grocery store

Check your flyers from time to time.


Like most people, I have tend to go to the same grocery store all the time, but sometimes you can great deals on foods you generally buy at other grocery stores. If there’s several grocery stores within close proximity, consider shopping around a bit.

By following these 3 tips you could easily save upwards of $100 per month on your grocery bill.

Closing thoughts

I would encourage guys to be more cautious when choosing foods at the grocery store.

In fact, I will go to the grocery store at 10 pm sometimes to pick up something I need in order to stay on track with my nutrition.

Remember, your nutrition is what makes up the majority of your physique. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

It all starts at the grocery store.


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