In this article, I will show you guys how to properly lift heavy weights at the gym.

When it comes to lifting weights at the gym, I’m a big believer in strength training and it’s believed to have medicine like properties on the body.

In the free, simple, and VERY effective workout plan I offer on this site, you’ll notice that I encourage guys to lift in the 5-8 rep to start off each workout.

But, enough of me talking about strength training, check out this video from the 0:52-2:36 min mark to watch me do some lifts in the 5-8 rep range myself.

In case you couldn’t see in the videos here is breakdown of the lifts:

Flat dumbbell chest press, 100’s for 7- this is fairly accurate. For some reason, though, with rubber dumbbells I can lift the 110’s for 7 to 8 reps.

Shoulder dumbbell press, 70’s for 8- I would generally work with 70’s-75’s but will sometimes go up to the 80’s.

T-bar row, 3 plates for 6 reps- this is very accurate for me. I am much weaker with my pulls than my pushes.

Squats, 275 for 6- I usually go heavier than this and would work to the 295 to 315 weight range but I just did legs the day before so I didn’t want to go too crazy here.

So, as you can see I can push a decent amount of weight for my size. (I’m 6ft and 183 lbs)

Yes, of course, if I wanted to turn into a “roid monkey” and put on an excess amount of weight I could likely lift more but I prefer to stay leaner and rarely are guys able to maintain incredible strength while staying relatively lean at the same time.

Personally, I love lifting weights and it’s one of my favorite hobbies.

In fact, I’ve only missed one week at the gym in the last 12 years and the only reason I even missed a week is because I read in some meathead muscle magazine that you should take a week off every 6 months. Since then I haven’t stopped.

One of the main reasons I only missed a week in 12 years is because of amazing dedication on my behalf.

Lots of people try and find reasons why they shouldn’t go to the gym, whereas I try and find reasons why I SHOULD go to the gym.  (I recently turned 31 and have ZERO “aches” or “pains.” I feel great :) )

Dedication and discipline aside, I think the main reason I’ve only missed a week at the gym in 12 years is because I’ve never has any serious injuries.

Yes, of course, like anyone who lifts, I ‘ve experienced the odd pull and tweak here and there, but nothing so bad that it cuased me to miss ANY time at the gym.

Seeing as I’ve only missed one week at the gym in the last 12 years, I think I can offer you guys some great tips on how to reduce the likelihood on an injury and also increase your strength at the same time.

Always warm up

ALWAYS warm up before you move into your heavier lifts.

As guys will notice in the free workout plan I offer, I recommend 5 minutes of cardio to warmup, some stretches, and to start off with some lighter weights before you move in your working sets with the heavier weights.

I recall several years ago seeing a guy walk into the gym right off the street and start his first set of flat bench press with 225 lbs.

This is a GREAT way to get injured and is VERY ill advised.

ALWAYS warm up first!

Drop the ego at the door

I’ve accepted many years ago that I am not the strongest guy at the gym.

Like I said, I’m always trying to improve my lifts but I know I’m not the strongest guy at the gym and I accept that.

I know my limits and don’t do anything silly that would cause me to get injured.

However, a big reason why you need to to drop the ego at the door is because lot of guys don’t consciously think about this but when you lift more weight than you can handle and you get hurt…..YOU CAN’T GO THE GYM!

I’ve seen it play out many times before where “Billy” wanted to prove to the boys how much he can lift.

Long stort short, he lifts so much that he can’t do the lift properly and then gets seriously injured and his shoulder is in a sling and he can’t go to the gym for 3 months.

If you’re not capabale of bench pressing 135 lbs right now then just accept that.

It doesn’t mean you’ll always be stuck at the weight but understand where you’re at right now.

Lifting less 52 weeks of the year is better than jumping up to weights you can’t lift and not being able to go for a long period of time.

Also, no one is going to laugh at you for not being able to lift a lot.

People will, however, likely stare at you and wonder if you’re going to be alright if you can’t perform the exercise properly and you look like you’re about to kill yourself out there.

Finally, too, if you get really hurt at the gym and it’s so bad that you can’t go to work, you may find yourself in really bad shape if you don’t have medical benefits.

Be sensible and drop the ego.

Bad form=bad results

Also, you’re doing yourself no favors….

Although I encourage you guys to lift heavy, I also encourage you to use proper form.

Aside from preventing injuries, proper form will also make your muscles bigger.

It’s pointless to do “cheat reps” the whole workout. The only thing you’re cheating is your muscles growth as they never reach their full potential.

Closing Thoughts

Increase weight over time but not the point where you’re lifing too much and your form suffers.

For most guys, once their lifts start to climb up, it becomes very motivating.

It’s nice to know that you’re improving each time you go to the gym.

So, if you haven’t thrown some strength training into your daily routine, definitely start right away.

You’ll feel great, look great, and you’ll never turn back and will become addicted like me ;)



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