I feel quite confident in saying that some of you reading this article have likely been on a few dates before with a woman that you happened to like a little more than others.

Seeing as I constantly say you should be approaching women YOU are attracted to, not only is this woman cute, she’s cool, and she has a little extra “sizzle” to her. In an instance such as this, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “How do I keep her around?”


This is definitely a good question and I one I will answer in a minute but first I want to touch on something else.

Although it’s never any fun to have a bad date, one positive point I made in my article about bad dates was the fact that you are doing a LOT of things right if you can get a woman out for at the very least, a first date. There’s so many men she would have had ZERO interest in and they wouldn’t have gotten the “try out” you got. You likely know some friends, co-workers, or other male acquaintances who wouldn’t have had a shot with her.

Although it’s certainly a positive experience to get a woman out on a first date, even if that’s all it leads to, let’s take this a step further and say you are able to get her out on a second date, a third date, and beyond. If this is the case, dude, you are totally “knocking it out of the park.”


You’ve “joined the ranks” of an elite group of men.

You can shamelessly pat yourself of the back. Not only do you have a cool and sexy woman who you like, but one who likes you as well. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t continue to see you.

So, now, back to the question of “How do I keep her around?”

It’s pretty simple, actually.

You MUST continue to be that awesome guy she initially met and is attracted to now.

I constantly speak about becoming the kind of man women want to meet, but it’s equally as important to stay there once you get there.

Being consistent with your awesome lifestyle will be huge whether you want a girlfriend or just some random women to “netflix and chill” with from time to time.

I think some men are guilty of spending all this time, effort, and energy into becoming this amazing guy, and then they suddenly stop once they get there. (trust me, women can be just as guilty of this)

For example, when you first met her chances are your place was relatively clean, if not spotless. Do you keep it this way or does she come over next time and there’s piss stains on the bathroom floor, clothes all over the place, and your sink is full of dishes?

How about your fitness? Perhaps she was initially drawn in to your amazing physique. Do you keep it this way or do you ditch the gym and become a regular at the local pub for happy hour brews and apps? It’s not that hard to put on 15 lbs in a month when you take a “vacation” with your workout and nutrition plan.

How about your hygiene? I recently touched on the importance of smelling good. Do you keep up with this or do you suddenly start to release your “inner caveman?”

How about your goals and career aspirations? Are you consistent with these or do you give up on them easily?

How about your hobbies? Do you continue to pursue them or do you just focus all your time and energy on her now?

Yeah, sure, everyone can have a bad week here and there, but for the most part, you need to be consistent with EVERYTHING!

Don’t expect her to stick around if you’re not consistent with the lifestyle that initially drew her in to you. She’s well within her rights to bail.

Also, not only is it important to be consistent with your lifestyle, but so too with your personality. It’s easy to think after you see her a few times that you really need to “impress her” now to keep her around. The reality of things is that you already have impressed her just as you are or she wouldn’t continue to see you. Take a deep breathe and enjoy things.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no better to keep a great woman around than to be consistent with your overall lifestyle and personality.

Yes, of course, even with consistency in your life things may “fizzle out” over time. There’s no “guaranteed” way to keep a woman around. Anyone who tells you so is full of it. However, if you keep up with that awesome lifestyle you lead, I think you’ll find the women you date stick around a lot longer ;)

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