In the article, The essentials, I mention 6 things I consider to be of vital importance in order to gain interest from women. One of those 6 would be hobbies/passions. Today I am going to solely discuss hobbies. Passions will be a separate article at a later date. They often go hand in hand, though.

I feel quite confident in saying that everyone reading this blog has at least one hobby. Hobbies will obviously vary from person to person. Some of you may enjoy painting, some may play an instrument, some may fish, some may play sports, some may dance….you get the point. Over time, as you evolve as a man, you may find your hobbies change. For example, there was a time I once enjoyed playing guitar and felt I was quite good at it. However, as I got older, I lost interest and now I no longer play it.

Although I’m pretty much up for anything in my free time, here are some of my current hobbies:

Golfing– Even though I admit that I suck at it, I still enjoy playing. I firmly believe it’s one of those things you either have or you don’t. Even the worst of golfers (such as myself) are bound to hit some nice shots from time to time, and thus, come back for more. In the spring of 2014, I attended the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida. I followed the group of Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Brandt Snedeker. Although it wasn’t my first live PGA event, I was still pumped and enjoyed every minute of it. Also, at the end of the round I got Rickie Fowler’s autograph.


I also enjoy watching professional golf on TV and will sometimes watch all four rounds of a major tournament. This leads me to my next hobby…..

Watching Sports– I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge sports fanatic. In fact, I LOVE sports! When the NFL season is up and running, generally, I watch football all day on Sundays. This often includes the Sunday night game, even if it’s a lousy one. Also, I love playing fantasy football. Although the NFL is my favorite sport, the NBA is a close second. More recently, I have grown quite found of college football as well. I also like to place some smallish bets from to time to time to make the games a little more interesting.

Working on this blog– Although I don’t believe I’m a great writer, I very much enjoy writing pieces for this blog. Aside from it being a hobby, it allows me to share my opinions and experiences on certain topics. As some of you likely noticed, I speak what’s on my mind and don’t worry about following some bizarre “doctrine” laid out by other bloggers. Although I’m no blogging expert, I think a big mistake a lot of the men’s improvement bloggers make these days is that they’re puppets. They have no opinion of their own and they’re constantly worrying they may say something a top blogger or someone who’s affiliated with that blogger doesn’t agree with. They worry they won’t get a link to their site or a retweet when they likely wouldn’t have gotten either to begin with.

Fitness– Fitness has been a love of mine for the last 10 years or so. I started weight training when I was about 20 years old and have never looked back.I mainly do strength training but throw in some mild cardio as well. Going to the gym is just part of the day for me and I make it a priority to go. This most certainly means making some sacrifices from time to time. It comes down to wanting it. Seeing as fitness is a hobby of mine, I don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks on workout attire or protein powders.

Although the above are my current hobbies, in the future, I would like to travel more, try out yoga, possibly learn how to dance better/learn how to dance, and learn more about video editing and web development.

I truly believe that most guys will get to the point where their physical appearance is as good as it can get. You’re in shape, your grooming is up to snuff, and your style is good. Although it may take a bit of time to get to this point, once you reach it, it will more or less just be a matter of keeping up with things. Yeah, sure, there may be times when you’re in slightly worse shape than others, or your wardrobe is a tad outdated, but you’re within that “range.” Also, if you stray too much, you’ll know what discipline and commitment it takes to get back there. After you reach this point, you will likely focus more on your career and hobbies.

Having hobbies is very attractive to women. It shows her you have some interests in your life, and it’s quite attractive to women when you’re talented at something. Let’s say, for example, you’re good at playing guitar. You can enthusiastically talk to her about a new guitar you plan on purchasing or a new song you just learned how to play. Also, you could write a song for her and/or you could teach her how to play a basic song. Although you may not play guitar, even the most basic of hobbies can be attractive to women when they’re backed with passion.

Another great thing about having hobbies is that it could potentially put you in situations where you could meet likewise women. Also, women may “cut you some slack” for not being the most attractive guy in the world in these situations. For example, let’s say you take a salsa dance class in the evenings. From what I’ve heard, dance classes tend to be mainly composed of women. Let’s say you get partnered up with “Jessica” one evening. You may start to get know her, go out on a few dates with her, and eventually end up seeing her exclusively. Although you may not be the next “Brad Pitt,” she may like you as a guy and really enjoy the fact you like dancing as well since lots of men couldn’t be bothered. Had you “cold approached” Jesscia, she may not have given you the time of day. Having said that, however, I am not encouraging guys to slacken off in hopes of a dream scenario. Keeping up with your physical appearance and improving what you can will still matter, but she may look past the fact you’re a bit shorter or have lost some hair if you share the same hobby and connect well with her.

Although hobbies are a great way for you be appealing to women and even can give you a chance to meet women, they’re also good for you and your own sanity. You should be doing things in life that you enjoy. Although you may have a lot in common with the woman you’re currently seeing, it’s perfectly normal to have your own hobbies that don’t involve her. In fact, I think as you meet more women, you won’t mind some time away from them either. Like I said, this is perfectly normal. I think a mistake a lot of men who are experienced with women make is they give up on their hobbies in pursuit of women and make “chasing chicks” their ONLY hobby. Also, I think another mistake a lot of men make is they stop pursuing their hobbies one they meet a new woman. She becomes their only hobby. Although I think a great woman can make a nice addition to your life, I think it’s unhealthy to make her your sole priority.

Another great positive about hobbies is that some can actually help increase your bank account. If you’re good at guitar, you may find yourself doing a gig or two. Perhaps you’re a good photographer and could do some weddings here and there to make some extra cash? Scenarios like this are ideal as you get to do what you love and make some spare cash. Most hobbies will cost you at least some amount of money and some will obviously cost more than others. Golf, for example, is an expensive hobby. A full set of clubs with a golf bag can easily run you over $1000. Then, there’s the golf membership and/or green fees. Traveling is another hobby that is fairly expensive. Even with a keen eye for flight and accommodation deals, it will still run you a pretty penny. This will mean you will need to budget your money in order to pursue activities as such. If you’re really lucky, though, you may find your hobby solely pays all your bills, and is, thus, your profession. If you’re like most, though, you’ll have to work in order to fund some of your hobbies.

Closing thoughts

So as you can see, hobbies are important for getting women, your own sanity, and could potentially increase your bank account. Feel free to share any of your own hobbies in the comments section.


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