In this podcast, I managed to get Paul Janka to join me for a discussion on dating for the mature man.

Firstly, though, for those of you unfamiliar with Paul Janka, he co-hosts the Diapers Off Podcast with his close friend, Peter McSweeney.


The podcast is definitely growing in popularity.

If you haven’t a chance to check it out yet, make sure you do as you won’t be disappointed.

The podcast episodes are also available on Itunes for free.

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Also, you can find Paul at

Podcast Highlights

0:00 I introduce Paul and he fills us in on the Diapers off podcast.

4:58 I ask Paul about men being at a different stage in their lives if they’re past a certain age and the “shock” that comes with it.

8:05 We discuss how social circles change as you get older and ponder whether or not they’re the best way to meet women. You definitely need to be open to meeting women during the day, online, and bars/clubs.

11:20 We talk about meeting women during the day and Paul discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages. (one of the disadvantages may actually shock you)

21:25 We discuss how you have a wide age range of women to choose from as you get older. You can go for much younger women and may even find it easier to meet them now as opposed to when you were younger yourself. Maturity is definitely attractive to women.

26:46 We discuss how men may actually be in their prime “looks wise” later on in life whereas with women this will not be the case.

29:56 We discuss how moving could pay huge dividends for men as they get older. Part of the reason I liked the book “Mate” by Tucker Max and Dr. Miller so much was because of the emphasis that is placed on your location in regards to your success with women.

33:45 In this interview with Chris Murphy (there’s 3 parts to it), Paul talks about guys wanting to be “the bachelor for eternity” and how it may not always be the best laid out plan.

To close things out, we discuss how a woman’s looks are not exactly the most factor when it comes to a long term commitment.

Closing Thoughts

I am definitely interested in doing some more podcasts and I think I have a few “beauties” lined up for the future ;)

Also, let me know how the audio sounded since we recorded this many miles apart.

Finally, let me know if there’s anyone in particular you would like to see me bring on.

I can’t promise anything but I can try ;)


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