Want to know the secret to your dream build?

Could it be an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill?

A extra rep each set you do?

15 more crunches per workout?

While doing the above will help,

NOTHING will work if your nutrition is bad!

There’s a reason why trainers and top fitness experts are always saying things like,

“You cannot out train a bad”

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

“If you don’t nourish your muscles, you won’t flourish your muscles”

If you are spending 3-4 hours a week at the gym, you are doing PLENTY!

It’s what you are doing when NOT at the gym that really gives you the results. (Or, lack thereof for some people)

Another popular quote by trainers,

“I can only be your trainer for one hour of the day. You are your trainer for the other 23 hours”

I’m sure anyone who has spent any amount of time in a gym before has come across someone like this,

They’re always there when you are, and always appear to be training hard. If you go to the gym at the same time most days, you’ll see the same people a lot. You’ll likely get to know a few of them quite well. Some of them may even tell you that they’re trying to lose some weight.

Ever wonder why they continue to look the same day after day, week after week, month after month?


Your nutrition is where you will make the most progress.

Also, anyone who has spent some time in a gym before has likely met a few personal trainers.

There’s quite a difference from trainer to trainer.

I once met a trainer who was AT LEAST 50 lbs overweight. (How does he motivate people?)

You also have the middle of the pack trainers. They’re “kinda” into fitness.

And finally, you have the trainers who are absolute fitness addicts. They very much live the lifestyle themselves. They’re often intense and legitimately want you to succeed,

“I drove through five feet snowbanks, had 2 flat tires, and it took me over two hours to get the gym. You missed your workout yesterday because……”

I remember talking to a guy who was doing a bit of training at a gym I once went to. He told me about a female client he was training. He said she always showed up on time, trained hard, and appeared to have a strong desire to lose weight.

He told me one day, seemingly frustrated, that he didn’t know why she wasn’t losing weight. He said, “She must not be eating properly. It’s the only thing I can think of. She told me she thought fruit was  making her fat, but I told her it wasn’t”.

He pointed her out to me one day at the gym. Since I was living in a small town, you see the same faces out and about quite often. I can still vividly remember seeing this woman at the grocery store one night. I have a tendency to notice what people have in their shopping carts. (I admit it, I’m a bit nerdy with nutrition) Although I can’t remember if she had any fruit in her cart, I can certainly remember seeing a lot of processed food in it. If she was eating food like that regularly, it certainly wouldn’t have been the fruit that was preventing her from losing weight, it was all the other garbage.

cookie monster

I always found it funny when people complained their “Ab Master Flex 3500 Elite Series” wasn’t working. All the while, it was sitting right next to their bag of cookies.

Then again, some people completely miss the boat on the importance of nutrition. You can’t really blame them either. Good nutrition is often downplayed considerably in the fitness industry.

In fact, one could argue a lot of fitness products out there are just as much of a scam as some “get rich quick” bologna, or routines/”game” when it comes to meeting women.

Although some of the fitness products/workout plans may help you to an extent, the companies rarely mention how much of a factor nutrition plays into your actual success.

In fact, most of the time, “individuals followed a calorie restricted diet” is in print so small on the infomercial that you can barely read it.

There’s a fat burner I bought about five years ago that claimed to be a “miracle fat burner”.

Anyhow, upon closer look, like most fat burners, it was mainly just caffeine, green tea extracts, and raspberry ketone extracts. There was nothing “special” about it all!

This fat burner came with a diet and workout plan. The workout plan was fine. It was just a basic bodybuilding style program. I was already doing my own thing workout wise so I didn’t pay any attention to it. However, the real kicker with this fat burner was the “diet plan” that was included. It was STRONGLY encouraged to follow the diet plan to achieve maximum results.

So what’s wrong with including a diet plan you ask?

The diet plan was so strict that you have gotten ripped to shreds without taking a SINGLE fat burner. I remember reading a couple reviews from guys claiming to have followed the diet/workout plan to a tee. They were really praising up the fat burner. They were completely oblivious to the fact that the fat burner had VERY LITTLE to do with their results. It was the exercise and strict nutrition that got them their results. (By the way, I think fat burners are a complete sham and a HUGE waste of money.)

Now as someone who’s spent a lot of time in the gym in the last 10 years, I ‘ve heard of every “fad diet” you can possibly think of. Also, seeing as I work at a hospital, a lot of nurses tend to try the latest “fad diet” themselves,

“The grapefruit diet”

“The raw food diet”

“The no carbs after 3:27pm diet”

Anyone who has “dieted” before knows just how miserable it is. Look at the faces people make when eating some of their “diet foods”. They’re almost gagging trying to get the food down their throats.

As someone who has tried fad diets before myself, I know all too well what happens. The first week isn’t too bad. Sometimes the second week isn’t too bad either. Then, as times moves on, you slowly fall off the wagon. You lose 25 lbs and put 30 back on.

In fact, studies have shown that people who regularly “crash diet” tend to weigh even more long term. It’s the same as when people quit smoking. They often smoke heavier than before if they start up again.

Another problem with “diets” is that there’s NO flexibility.

I’m quite sure everyone has family and friends. This means that there will be birthday parties, social outings, and vacations. This also means that you will put in situations where you have less than optimal nutrition choices. That’s life for you. Listen, I don’t eat perfect all the time and I don’t expect you to either.

Let’s face it, there’s some pretty damn tasty junk food out there these days. I feel as though older people must feel like they’re heaven sometimes with all the choices. Just think, instead of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream, they can now have “chocolate peanut hazed carmel toffee fudge” ice cream instead.

In fact, on Sundays(when I’m not working and it’s the NFL season) I very much enjoy watching the game(s) with friends and eating wings, pizza, and chips while my Oakland Raiders get killed!(I know, insert Raiders joker here….)

The biggest problem with diets though has to be the fact that…..


They’re not designed to be followed any real length of time.

The recipes and nutrition advice on this site is a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET! It is a PERMANENT change. Not a 12 week plan, not a 6 week plan, or an “abs by the weekend” plan.

We will be eating carbs (High quality ones. Not the kind of crap you get down the aisle of a grocery store) The carbs will come mainly from fruits, vegetables, and other low glycemic sources such as oatmeal, sweet potato’s, beans, rice, and whole wheat bread.

We will be eating high quality proteins. The protein will mainly come from eggs, lean cuts of beef, fish, chicken breasts, yogurt, and protein supplements.

Fats will come from healthy sources as well. The fats will mainly come from natural peanut butter, olive oil, butter, and egg yolks.

Are there eating plans out there that will cut weight quicker?


As I said though, this a lifestyle change.

I’m not gonna lie and say some “super low carb” diet won’t drop weight quicker. It WILL! In fact, if I want to lean down a little, I slightly lower my carbs.

How long are you going to follow a low carb diet though? Low carb diets make you feel miserable and tired all the time. Also, if you need to be even the slightest bit alert for your job, a super low/no carb diet will make you mind very blurry. I also consider super low carb diets dangerous while driving a vehicle. You will feel impaired.

This eating plan on here is to be followed 52 weeks of the year.

I mean obviously there will be the odd week here and there throughout the year where you eat worse than others. You’re on vacation. You’re stressed out and make some bad choices nutrition, or you week takes a bunch of unexpected turns. You should be trying to make the best possible choices you can though when put in an expected situation.

The recipes are the EXACT ones I eat myself.

They’re delicious and I truly believe you’ll enjoy them as well.

Now some of these recipes are certainly not what would want to eat if you were going to give, oh, say, Phil Heath a run for his money at the Olympia.

However, let’s say that you’re a guy that’s 5’10 in height and you weigh 220 lbs right now. I would consider a good weight for a guy 5’10 to be roughly 180 lbs. I mean, obviously this will vary depending upon body composition and genetics.

Anyhow, so let’s say this guy at 220 lbs drops 40 lbs by good nutrition and a solid workout plan. He very much enjoys the recipes on here and follows them 52 weeks of the year (for the most part any ways). He can now likely stay between 180-190 lbs YEAR ROUND! He’ll lower his risk for all types of health related diseases and see the benefits of getting in shape and healthy first hand.

Also, another great benefit of following a good nutrition plan year round is that you’ll never be too far off of a really lean build. So if you want to lean down a bit for the summer or a vacation, it shouldn’t take any longer than 4-6 weeks. Unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder, I would avoid the “off season” altogether. I mean, what’s the point of getting really fat? It’s often just an excuse for guys to pig out on junk food because they’re “bulking”. Plus, it takes so much longer to lose all that extra flab.

Although I not a big believer in counting calories and macros, I do believe you should measure your food, and use the portion sizes I suggest.


So let’s say goodbye to yo yo dieting once and for while, make health and fitness a lifestyle, and not some silly DIET!


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