There’s no doubt the title of this article caught your attention, right?

How could it not have?

Quality women and potentially easier to get them?

Well, as with most things in life that seem to good to be true, there is a bit of a catch to this…..

That being, YOU have to be a high quality guy.

Now, before I discuss some reasons as to why it’s easier to get quality women as a quality guy, let’s first determine what a quality woman is to begin with.

Generally speaking, guys who are inexperienced with women tend to correlate looks with quality. They assume since she’s good looking that surely she’s a quality woman as well.

Although women can definitely be a combination of both, sometimes this IS NOT the case.

For example, that smoking hot blond that’s “ridin dirty” on the dance floor at 3 am is probably not “wifey” material. (HINT: If you’re in more of the “fling” stage, that smoking hot blond that’s “ridin dirty” is EXACTLY the type of woman you want to meet.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, looks matter and you should go for women you’re attracted to, but what separates a high quality woman from a low quality one is often what she has to offer aside from her looks.

In my opinion, what really makes a quality woman is her loyalty, kind/loving personality, and her morals. Some may think such women are rare but they do exist.

I suppose to sum it up, she’s the type of woman you’re proud to bring home to mom.

Anyways, let’s get back to why it will actually be easier to get higher quality women if you’re a higher quality guy.

Her relationship history

There’s 3 reasons for this:

  1. She’s always dated high quality men– Although things went astray at some point with the previous men she dated, she’s always dated quality men and therefore you nicely fill the void.
  2. She’s always dated lower quality men- Maybe she’s been “unlucky with love” in the past. She’s a great woman but can never seem to meet the right guy. Perhaps she doesn’t meet many men or perhaps she’s just frustrated with the men she does meet. If she mentions bad relationships she’s had in the past, you may find she will do almost ANYTHING to keep you around.
  3. She doesn’t have much dating experience -For whatever reason, she hasn’t been on many dates or had many boyfriends( if any) and then she meets you. You’re a high quality guy and it’s only fitting that she wants to keep you around.

In short, it’s basically a win-win no matter what her relationship history is since you’re a quality guy.

High quality women WILL appreciate you

This is something guys probably rarely think about but it’s true.

From experience, I can confidently say that quality women will respect and value you.

Lower quality women, on the other hand, don’t know how good they have it and will let a quality man slip their fingers. (Ironically, these are often the same women who make comments such as, “Where did all the good men go?”)

Let me put this in better perspective for you…

You’ve probably heard a story or two before about a broke person winning 20+ million on the lottery only to be broke again a year later.

Why is that, one may wonder?

Well, the person never had much to begin with, and as a result, they didn’t value the money, and are broke all over again.

Easy come, easy go.

It makes things easier for you

This is the most important reason, in my opinion

You need to make sure that you’re taking care of #1!

You need to have enough “skin in the game.”

If she’s a low quality woman, she won’t do it for you. (well, that its, assuming you realize your true potential)

I posed the question Are you really that bad? not too long ago.

I think a lot of guys reading this article have more to offer than they think.

Trust me, as you go on more dates and realize your true value, you’ll quickly move on from low quality women.

You WILL develop some self respect.

I know when I first started using online dating I would sometimes go on dates with women who weren’t exactly my type.

When I say not my type, I don’t mean looks wise but “traits” wise.

I personally find drug use and smoking not only be turn-offs but total deal breakers.

Also, I’m not into single mothers. It’s just a preference of mine. I’ve tried it before and didn’t like it that much.

However, in the past, I would sometimes go on dates with such women, knowing so beforehand.

Once I started to realize my value and potential, I wouldn’t even dare meet up with such women as I knew I could get women I was attracted to who DIDN’T have those qualities.

I have standards and so should you.

When you realize your value, the mindset quickly shifts from “Boy, I sure hope she likes me” or “I wonder how I’m doing so far?” to “She’s probably going to be a cool woman who will treat me well, but if she doesn’t, I’ll find one who does.” 

Now, after all this talk about you being a quality guy, what exactly makes a quality guy anyways?

Below are things I consider a quality man to possess:

  • hard working
  • passionate about life and his goals
  • respectful to others
  • easy going personality
  • solid morals and values
  • lives a clean lifestyle absent of drug use, smoking, and heavy drinking
  • physically fit
  • well groomed
  • stylish
  • consistent with his lifestyle

When you have these things ticked off you’ll likely find you can’t keep the women away.

You’ll be in such high demand and you’re basically the “monopoly.”

Now, don’t get too down on yourself if you missed a few things, EVERYONE could improve on some areas of their life.

Also, keep in mind is that potential is huge. Potential to achieve good things and working hard in the mean time.

And, if you missed a few things, you need to ask yourself why you are changing this or that in the first place?

It’s my belief that many men do self-improvements for all the wrong reasons.

For example, how often have heard about guys researching that “secret tricep exercise” in hopes of cleaning up with the babes?

I most certainly approve of you getting in shape but don’t do it ONLY for women.

Do it to be healthier.

Do it to be a positive role model to others.

Do so it so your feel more confident in general.

There’s tons of reasons to get in shape.

I’ve also heard guys that feel the same way about money.

Some guys think if they can just “hit it rich” somehow that they’ll all of sudden have more women.

While this is definitely true, you should be trying to make money for others reasons as well. (be leery of women who only seem interested in you for your money)

Try and make more money for your own peace of mind. You’ll feel less stressed and more at ease.

More money can also fund your hobbies.

Trying to do any self-improvement solely with the sole purpose of getting better with women is almost a surefire way to make it a “fad” and something you don’t commit to in the long term.

Closing Thoughts 

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of higher quality women and what it means to be a higher quality guy.

It always amazes me when guys feel “entitled” to quality women while not being a quality man themselves.

Also, when you do meet quality women, and there’s a bad date here and there for whatever reason, keep in mind that there are other high quality women out there that would LOVE to meet a guy like you.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck this time around ;)



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