Ahhh, the good ole phone number.

Always leads to dates and such, right?

Err, well, sometimes.

As guys likely know, the best way to get a number is to ASK FOR ONE!

Guys who  have some experience meeting women, know that although it’s nice to get a number, it’s not exactly the “holy grail.”

Collecting phone numbers from random women is something that PUA’s (pickup artists) rely upon to “showcase” their “skills” to naive, gullible men.

I once read a bootcamp review where a guy praised up a “daygamer” for getting 4 numbers in a row. My initial thoughts were, “Big Deal! Who’s to say he’ll ever see these women again?”

I also recall seeing a video testimonial for a PUA bootcamp where a student, smiling from ear to ear, said something like, “I approached 15 women, got 3 numbers, but would have got 9 others numbers had the women not had boyfriends.”

Although I applaud this guy for taking some action, I highly suspect this testimonial was recorded immediately following the conclusion of his bootcamp.


I’ve read before that PUA’s/dating coaches like to get reviews and testimonials basically the second the bootcamp is over. Students often have what is called “post-bootcamp high.” For some, this may be the first time they’ve ever really approached women and thus getting a number or two is quite a rush. Sadly, as some of them likely found out, the number(s) didn’t necessarily lead to, “love, marriage, and the baby carriage.” In fact, some of the numbers likely lead to nothing at all!

There’s literally THOUSANDS of videos on youtube of PUA’s collecting numbers from random women. It’s tough to say for sure which ones are real and which ones are staged. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s tons of fake infields online where the PUA has yet to be exposed. I’m not calling anyone out in particular, but if your “spidey senses” are tingling about a particular infield, they’re probably right.

Perhaps it’s not so hard to get a phone number to begin with? This is an interesting article on PUA’s getting numbers.

I’ve always wondered how PUA’s could get all these numbers.  After all, the “number closes” are really what the students came to see. What would happen if the “guru” was having an off day?

Let me put this into better perspective for you. I suppose I would be considered a decent looking guy. I’m certainly no male model. However, I am a bit over 6 ft. tall(barefoot), white, in shape, good style/good grooming, and have a laid back and easy going personality. I could go to the local mall this afternoon and EASILY go 0 for 10. Yep, 10 women in a row may not give me their numbers. The 10 women I approached may have been either unavailable or just not into me for one reason or another.

If I were putting on a “bootcamp” myself, or some disciple of “game” were to see me in action, I would be scoffed at and told something like,

“Wow! Your game is downright awful! You need to tighten it ASAP.”

As shocking as this may sound to some guys, some women actually give their numbers out just to get rid of guys. They know that there’s no obligation on their behalf to actually return your texts/calls. Better yet, they can just give you a fake number to begin with.


Now I will say that when you get a phone number during the day that I believe it’s generally a real one. This doesn’t automatically mean it will lead to anything, though.

With the bar/club, it’s 50-50 in my opinion as to whether or not you got a real number. I’m not a huge bar guy, but do go out from time to time. I am closing in on 30, but when I was younger (say 19-22) I did go out a lot. Guys who have collected numbers at the bar/club before have likely had great conversations with women who seemed interested at time only to receive a reply of the following day the next day,

“Who is this? Sorry, I’m super hungover today. I’ll be right back, I’m going to puke my guts out again for the 3rd time this morning.”

I read before online that if you get a woman’s number and she doesn’t reply back to your text within 5 minutes that she’s not interested. That’s not always the case.  As I said at the bottom of my texting article, RELAX! Don’t panic if she doesn’t reply back instantly. There may very well be a legitimate reason for it.

If a girl is constantly ignoring your texts and being very flaky, the best advice I can give to you is this….

Have some self respect and move on!

Closing thoughts

I think this post was necessary so guys have realistic expectations in regards to getting numbers and also so they don’t get discouraged or upset if a number here and there doesn’t end up leading to anything.

Having said that, there’s also lots of numbers you get that WILL lead to dates, flings, and relationships!

I’ll say this too, ALWAYS text a number you get. You’d be surprised at the amount of times I’ve had women meet up for dates who seemed very uninterested at the time I approached them. This is especially true if it’s a woman you met randomly out and about during the day. Sometimes they’re a bit unsure of you at first seeing as you’re a stranger and all. Also, some women are just shy in general.

And finally, after you do get her number, try and set up the first date as soon as possible. Playing “text game” or “facebook game” for weeks on end is VERY counter-productive. Trust me, if she’s interested, she’ll gladly meet up and also be quite relieved that you didn’t dick around like most guys do.


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