Mike Cernovich is certainly an interesting character. I first heard of him about a year ago. I took a quick look at his blog, Danger and Play, and although I didn’t care for it, I also didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about it either. Fast forward a year later, and this time around I noticed some SERIOUS flaws with this guy!

Although I am VERY skeptical of Cernovich, one thing I do applaud him for is his maturity. Mike is a VERY mature guy.


In fact, Mike’s maturity was on full display as he was preparing for a debate with retired NFL punter, Chris Kluwe. The debate was in regards to Gamer Gate.


If you watch the first 12 seconds, you’ll notice that Mike’s main concern was to send a link to the trolls, and prepare Kluwe for the inevitable trolling. This is OBVIOUSLY how a mature person would have approached this. DUH!

You’ll notice in this tweet that Mike claimed Kluwe wasn’t “big” enough for him, and appears to be suggesting that, in fact, he was the one who gave Kluwe the platform.


As of today (June 6, 2015), you’ll see that Kluwe has 189,00 followers compared to Mike’s 19,700 followers.


Ummm, Mike, not sure if you knew this or not, but 189,000 is actually a “bigger” number than 19,700. You know, just as 5 is a bigger number than 4, and 3 is a bigger number than 2. I could go on, but you get it. I think? Apparently an understanding of grade 2 mathematics is no longer a prerequisite to get into law school?

But hey, maybe we shouldn’t be so impressed with Cernovich’s law career to begin with?

In fact, in this article, Mike himself said,

“I have never mentioned much about my legal background as it was never relevant.”

If you take at 31 random facts about Mike Cernovich(which is loaded with unintentional humor), fact #18 seems to further verify this claim,

“My results expired while I fought a false rape case, so I took the California Bar Exam again. I may be the only attorney who can say he took the California Bar Exam twice – and passed both times.”

So could one assume that Cernovich never actually practiced as a lawyer after he passed the bar exam the first time?

I stumbled upon this online,

Cernovich’s lawyer page

Licensed since 2013? If this is the REAL Mike Cernovich, does that mean he passed the bar exam for the second time in 2013? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Cernovich claim to have left his law career in its “prime?” Unless Cernovich practiced in another state, when the hell did he even have a law career?

If Cernovich was “technically” unable to practice law until 2013 due to prior commitments(fighting a false rape case), how does he explain #20?

“I have had a seven figure payday”

If his law career truly was successful, surely someone as narcissistic as Cernovich would have said, “I won a 7 figure lawsuit” and not“I have had a seven figure payday.”

From my research, first year lawyers tend to earn between $70,000-$100,000 annually. Certainly nothing to sneeze about, but if he was busy fighting a false rape case, and was only “technically” licensed to practice law since 2013, how did he become so rich?”

#24 only made my suspicions of him grow,

“I have been a guest at Sheryl Sandberg’s house and ate Mark Zuckerberg and his flunkie (forget his name – Chris Cox?) were insecure around me.”

Umm, why is Cernovich having lunch with billionaires who are involved with Facebook? Are billionaires just randomly having lunch with “bloggers” these days? What’s his “in” with Sandberg and Zuckerberg?

You’ll notice by these tweets that Mike doesn’t appear to respect Sheryl too much. This certainly appears to be something a lot deeper than Mike holding a grudge over being served a burnt piece of casserole.



These 3 facts about Cernovich have me baffled. Something is NOT adding up about him!

I stumbled upon a podcast on his blog that could help us make some sense of things,

Danger and Play podcast (WARNING….podcast is EXTREMELY misogynistic)

Mike clearly HATES his ex. The question is, though, is he talking about an ex-girlfriend or….his ex-wife?

In this article, Cernovich says,

“When I got back into the game after a decade of marriage”

Clearly Cernovich is suggesting he’s been married before. Was it to a rich ex-wife, though?

If Cernovich happened to marry into riches and got divorced, he may very well have received a JUICY settlement, thus explaining his “7 figure payday.” If this were true, it could also explain his connection to eating with billionaires he apparently despises!

Perhaps someone needs to call out Mr. Cernovich on numbers 18, 20, and 24 of his 31 random facts!

He should have no problems clearing any of this up either.

Remember, folks, at the start of 31 random facts, Cenrovich said,

“This is all verifiable stuff”

Although I’m not impressed with Mike’s supposed “history,” I most certainly am impressed by his “testosterone raising poses.” In fact, the pic below, taken from Mike’s Instagram inspired me so much that I decided to copy it myself.


(Mike, just eyeballing it, by how much have I raised my testosterone levels?)

Speaking of “copying,”  Mike accused Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller of “copying” Danger and Play with their site, The Mating Grounds. In this article, Mike blasts Miller for saying fat people lacked self discipline. In fact, here is the actual tweet by Miller,


Mike is right, it was inappropriate(apparently Miller has removed the tweet,though). Fat shaming doesn’t work. Roosh V made a fool of himself on the Dr. Oz show trying to prove the “efficiency” of fat shaming.

I recently came across these tweets by Cernovich,



Well, well, if it isn’t “pot calling kettle black” Cernovich. You’ll notice by the dates that Cernovich’s tweets actually came 4 months AFTER Miller’s. Miller posted his tweet on June 3 2013, and Cernovich posted his on October 15 20013. Was Cernovich “copying” Miller? It sure looks that way. Apparently as long as you don’t criticize fat lawyers working on their doctorates while getting their munch on to some fettuccine alfredo it’s all good?

By the way, Mike, The Mating Grounds is copying Danger and Play? I disagree. I think The Mating Grounds is a MUCH better site than Danger and Play!

I hadn’t even heard of Tucker Max until recently, but listened to some of the podcasts, and scoped around a bit on The Mating Grounds. I think the advice is very legit, and I recently added it to the recommendations. I really enjoyed this podcast. (Take note at the 6:15 mark. Tucker says exactly what I’ve been saying about manosphere losers since day one.)

I like Tucker’s concept of it being a win-win for both sexes. The man gets a good woman, and in return, the woman gets a good man. The advice on The Mating Grounds is nothing like the PUA trash that’s plastered online these days. You’ll notice in this tweet that Cernovich actually applauds a PUA dirtbag,


Roosh’s “hard work?” Mike, if I traveled to third-world countries, claimed to be a “game guru,” and struck out with the local women, would I get your nod of approval, too? If so, I’ll make sure to get mentored by the “fake palm read” specialist, Roosh V himself.

I recently read an article suggesting that Roosh may be fading away which is why he’s “re-branding.” If Roosh really is on his way out, I wonder if Cernovich will continue to stay loyal? I suppose we’d then see if they really are “broskis,” or if Cernovich was just using him as a platform to get the “gorilla” message out there?

By the way, what’s with this “gorilla” thingy Cernovich is always babbling on about? I’m not sure I fully understand what he’s getting at? Is he swinging from vine to vine in the jungle all day chasing after Tarzan?


Here’s an interesting article on gorillas. Perhaps Cernovich is suggesting he’s only “alpha” from the waist up?

I noticed that Mike was disqualified from the Shorty Awards this year. Thankfully, though, he didn’t care.



No, really…




I’m not even kidding…


Bro, it’s right here…


In fact, Mike actually cared so little about the Shorty Awards that he decided to, well, write an article about just how little he actually cared about the Shorty awards.

Closing thoughts

Although you may still be “deliberating,” I’ve reached my “verdict,” and consider Mike to not only be a phony, but also a MASSIVE douchebag who appeals to the most gullible of “dude-bros.”


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