Today I am going to review Club Game by Aaron Sleazy. I first read Club Game back in the spring and then once again just last week. After rereading it last week I came to the conclusion that this is the ONLY resource I will be recommending for bars/clubs.

Although I don’t go out to clubs very often these days, I very much agree with the concepts in regards to meeting women in the club environment that are outlined in this book. Club Game will give you the knowledge you need in order to increase your chances of success with women in these environments.

In the preface, Aaron accurately states, “Clubs and bars are a source of never-ending frustration for many men. Weekend after weekend they go out, spending hours and plenty of money, only to get virtually nothing in return.” This is so true. How many times have you heard a friend complain about clubs? Or, perhaps it’s you that’s always complaining about them? It’s not like there’s any shortage of single, attractive women in the club scene. Where else can you go and literally be presented with hundreds of potential options? Even with a good social circle you’re limited to the number of new women you can meet.

Now, one thing I wanted to point out is that Aaron does indicate that this book will be of most value to guys who are at least somewhat comfortable around women. If this is not you yet, it is encouraged that you pick up a copy of Minimal Game to get your foundations sorted out first. You can buy Minimal Game here.

Speaking of foundations, in the opening paragraph of section, “Getting the Edge,” Aaron discusses the importance of your foundations. Take note at what I highlighted.

On my forum some guy once wrote, “But how do you pull that stuff off if you lack those foundations, i.e. what kind of advice can you give for people with an average fashion sense and an average physical appearance?” This may sound like a valid objection, and it’s not such an uncommon one. Among guys who don’t have much success with girls at all, or who happen to get lucky every once in a while, there often is the attitude that they were dealt a certain hand in life, and that’s all there is to it. The mere suggestion that they should get into shape makes them react defensively. Apparently they think that it’s shallow to work out, but on the other hand it’s not shallow at all if you’re a lazy and entertain fantasies about boning some girl who happens to be in shape. She goes to the gym to look good, so shouldn’t you work out, too?

I really like the fact that Aaron places heavy emphasis on the importance of looking your best at the club in this book. If you’re overweight and a total slob, you can expect to be basically invisible to the majority of the women at the club. Well, the ones you would be interested in anyways. Not only does he encourage you to be in shape, he also emphasizes the importance of style as well. He offers some rather unique insights in regards to fashion.

You’d be surprised at what a difference being in shape and being stylish can make. I’m well aware that certain men have more potential than others, but just the slightest of tweaks will put you WAY ahead of the average guy. Although I don’t go out much anymore, I was out several times this past summer. Seeing as I take care of myself, I had multiple women approach me during that span, and one night I had 3 different women who approached me .

Now, while I’ll admit that being in shape, well groomed, and well dressed will most certainly help you gain the initial interest, it is still up to you to make the move. In the latter part of the book, Aaron discusses how to move things along. Also, he helps you spot the interested women as opposed to creeping out the whole club by spam approaching like a total fool. His approach is much more efficient.

Another thing I really like about this book is the fact that there’s no dorky “lines” or “routine stacks.” This is where most resources on clubs go wrong. Most of these guides place more focus on what you should say as opposed to taking care of the foundations in order to the get the initial interest to begin with. Although I’m well aware that the majority of the world’s population has very little knowledge about “game” or the pickup community, lots of people are, however, familiar with pickup lines. Lots of times clubs are thought of as the “go to spot” to try out a new line. The problem, however, most of the lines are so bad that you can actually end up turning off a potentially interested women. Women generally react unfavorably to canned lines or “openers.” Although Aaron does state that what is said is very irrelevant, he does, however, list a few topics you should avoid talking about.

I found this book’s light, witty, and sarcastic style of writing makes it a rather enjoyable read.

And finally, another thing I particularly liked about this book is its simplicity. Meeting women doesn’t have to be a confusing process that takes years to “master.” I like how he goes into detail about each aspect of the club environment. He talks about things most guys probably don’t even consider such as the doorman, going out in groups/alone, picking the right clubs (this can save a lot of frustration), and a note on substances. I found his take on alcohol and drugs to be interesting and definitely different than most “mainstream” advice.

Closing thoughts

Overall, I strongly recommend Club Game and highly suspect it will improve your chances at the bar. I can’t make any bogus claim that you will start “pulling” ANY girl after completion of this book, but it most likely won’t feel as though you’re “throwing darts” anymore. You can buy Club Game here.

Also, if you hop over to Aaron’s site you will see he has a couple different services available. I did a phone consultation with him (Skype call) about a year ago looking for some advice to set up this blog. He was very polite, friendly, and helpful. This may be something you want to consider if you are looking for a little guidance in a particular area of your life.

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