This is the saying that the site is based around,

“Be the best you can with what you have”

The keyword in this saying is YOU.

It’s encouraging YOU to be the best that YOU possibly can be.

It’s about maximizing YOU!

No longer will you be comparing yourself to others. You are not they, they are not you.

You will also no longer be focusing negative energy on things you CANNOT change.

There’s 3 parts to being the best you can with what you have,

1.  Accepting who you are

Aside from height and race, virtually everything else can be changed/improved.

The height issue can be a very touchy subject for some men.

In fact, some men feel as though life is over for them since they’re not above a certain height. They read in some tacky magazine that women prefer men 6’2 and up.

The height issue gets played out all the time on forums. Some guys feel as though NO woman will EVER be interested in them since they’re a bit shorter. Sadly, when they post a pic of themselves, not only are they short, they’re often out of shape, have bad style, and bad grooming as well.

So what’s my advice to guys who are a bit shorter?

Accept it, deal with it, live with it! That’s just who you are. If you’re above a certain age, you’ll ALWAYS be that height. In fact, as you get older you’ll most likely lose at least an inch in height due to spine contraction.

From now on, DO NOT place any more negative energy on this. YOU CANNOT change this.

Now if your height really bums you out, you could consider some shoe lifts. However, I DO NOT recommend getting lifts that make you any more than 2 inches taller. You’ll look a little silly if you’re constantly falling over because you can barely walk in them. Also, when you take them off, people(especially women) will definitely take notice.

Am I the only one who has seen gorgeous women with shorter guys before?

The race issue can also be a touchy subject for some men.

This is something that also gets played out on forums. Guys get on a forum and complain that since they’re not a certain race, women will NEVER be interested in them.

This is just like the height issue. You just are that particular ethnicity. It’s who YOU are. Accept it. You’ll ALWAYS be that ethnicity.

Some men get so bummed out over things that they can’t change, they don’t even bother improving what they can change.

Be proud of who you are!

2. Realize where you are right now and make the best of your current situation

Now that we’ve covered things you CANNOT change, let’s cover where you are in life right now….

For example, let’s say you’re not exactly working your dream job right and as a result you’re not driving a car you particularly like.

It gets you from point A to point B, but that’s about all it does.

This is YOUR car at this point in time. It doesn’t have to be the car you drive for the rest of your life but……

Is it clean inside?

Does it smell good?

Is it clean on the outside?

Do you keep up with regular maintenance so it’s reliable?

The same thing can be said about your apartment. Perhaps you’re tighter on cash and not living in an apartment you like but…..

Is it clean? As in no cobwebs or empty pizza boxes lying around?

Does your place smell good?

3. Push forward for the future and ALWAYS be trying to improve yourself.

So now that you’ve accepted who you we are, made the best of your current situation, it’s now time to be driving forward for the future.

Let’s take your career/financial situation for instance.

Perhaps you’re not working your dream job right now but…..

Can you advance at your workplace? Does the company provide any free training that will help you climb the ladder?

Can you take some extra schooling in your free time to improve your position at work?

Do you need to go back to school to upgrade your education altogether?

Do you have any special talents? Perhaps you need to start a website and start getting paid for your talents?

Closing thoughts

So from now on, focus on YOURSELF, do not compare yourself to others, DO NOT spend another second of your life focusing negative energy on things you have no control over, maximize your current situation, and always be looking for ways to improve yourself for the future.

Be the best you can with what you have. At the end of the day, what else can you do?



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