Getting in shape is a joy for some, whereas to others it’s a chore.

I would encourage guys not only to get in shape, but to also stay in shape once there.

Let’s cover some of the benefits of getting in shape and healthy:

You’ll get more attention from women

Women will start looking your way more often when you’re in shape. I GUARANTEE it!

This can take some getting used to if you’ve always been out of shape.

That cute brunette in the produce aisle that keeps looking your way likes what she sees. The blond on the treadmill constantly looking your way is interested as well. Just as men can’t help who they’re attracted to, neither can women.

When you lose weight and become more healthy, not only does your physique change, so too do your facial features. You’ll have a more defined jawline and higher cheekbones. This will made your face look more handsome. Say goodbye to the extra chin(s) for good!

You will get more respect from men

Men will respect you more.

I know, I know, the goal is to meet women.

What you have to realize, though, cool guys tend to have access to attractive and cool women.

Ever notice how the fit, athletic guys were always picked first in gym glass?

When you’re in shape, and a cool/laid guy back in general, you’ll be like the guys picked first in gym class so to speak. You’ll likely get invited to social events and such. They’ll think you’re “that guy.”

So not only could you improve your social circle, you could also land a great woman because of it.

Studies have also shown people in shape tend to advance the ranks quicker at the workplace.

You will lower you risk for all types of health diseases

When you are overweight, you put yourself at high risk for all types of health problems and diseases.

Just to name a few, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea(difficulty breathing while sleeping)

I know a guy who through some lifestyle changes (weight loss and a solid nutrition plan) no longer requires insulin to control his type 2 diabetes.

So as you can see, I’m not just encouraging guys to get in shape so they can lift up their shirt in douchebag fashion like a Jersey Shore cast member. I’m also encouraging it so you become a healthier person and live longer.

You will have increased levels of confidence

I GUARANTEE you will feel much better about yourself after a drastic transformation. Your self esteem will be through the roof and quite possibly hit levels you didn’t know existed.

It may be the first time in your life you’ve had abs.

It may be the first time you’ve developed some guns and noticeable muscle mass.

It may even just be the first time you’re not overweight.

People will compliment you on your new physique.

They’ll likely ask how you did it. This leads me to the next point…..

You become a role model for other

Fitness and good health is like the gift that keeps giving.

You were likely inspired by someone in good shape themselves, and decided to follow in their footsteps.

You’ve made an amazing transformation yourself, and now it’s time to help others in their quest for the same.

You continue to keep up with your new lifestyle, and as a result others want in on the tips you can provide.

You may even enjoy fitness so much that become a personal trainer, teach some type of fitness class, or start a business in relation to fitness and good health.

You will have increased levels of energy

No longer will going up the stairs feel like such a chore.

You may even take up a new sport such as rec hockey, rec basketball, join a softball team, etc., etc.

You’ll also have elevated moods. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress and depression.

Another bonus about women being more attracted to you now, you’ll also have more energy for them. Use your imagination on this ;)

Clothes will fit you better

You can now buy more fitted clothing and have it looking great on you.

In fact, I strongly encourage you to do just that after you’ve made your transformation.

Now no need to wear clothing so tight that you can barely move, but hey, you’ve earned it. Show off the physique a little bit.

Now is the time to start going for “slim fit” or “custom fit”.

You will look better naked

Pretty self explanatory, but it’s true.

Not only will women find you more attractive clothed, they’ll also find you more attractive unclothed.

You will sleep better

This a huge bonus for guys who have a hard time getting a good nights sleep in.

When you are really killing it at the gym, your muscles need more rest. You’ll be tired come bedtime, and a result get a better nights sleep.

A good nights sleep will also help you feel more energetic at the gym. The proper rest repairs your muscles nicely.

Studies have shown that people who regularly sleep between 7-8 hours a night tend to live longer.

A good nights sleep will also strengthen your immune system. This will reduce the likelihood of you falling ill.

Also, the difference in mental sharpness from a good nights sleep is second to none.

And finally, a good nights sleep will keep your metabolism up so you can keep your weight down.

So as you can see, a good nights sleep is VERY important.

Being fit and healthy can cause you to become more disciplined in other areas of your life

Now that you’ve become fit and healthy, you know what kind of discipline it requires.

Sometimes you have to hit the gym at 5am to get that workout in.

Sometimes you have to head to the grocery store at 10pm to grab a few thins so you stay on track with your nutrition.

Whatever it takes…..YOU WILL DO IT!

This is a very positive mindset to adopt. Knowing what it takes to achieve what you want, and then doing it no matter what.

This type of mindset can pay off huge in other areas of your life.

Perhaps you upgrade your education.

Perhaps you start an online business.

Perhaps you get that promotion at work.

Final thoughts

So as you can see, there’s plenty of reasons to get in shape and healthy.

As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of these benefits go hand in hand and feed off of each other.

There’s no better time to get in shape than NOW!


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