As I continue to get older, I realize that although aging is inevitable, you can certainly age gracefully, and age is just a number.

Yes, of course, after a certain age, wrinkles, grey hairs, possibly losing your hair, and the big guy, well, perhaps not being able to get big quite as easily or as often is just part of the aging process.

So, yes, after a certain age, you will likely start to feel less energy and look a bit older, but I think a big mistake a lot of men make is they basically “stop living” after a certain age, and as a result, they going from looking youthful to looking like their grandfather overnight.

old man

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but for further proof of this look no further than your Facebook account. If you’re in your late 20’s and beyond, you probably look at some of your former classmates and wonder what happened to them? How many of the guys you knew now have 4 or 5 chins? Some of the guys who had six pack abs now look like they just drink too many six packs.

I remember quite a few years back bumping into a guy I went to school with and I was shocked at what I saw. Aside from looking depressed (he had recently gotten married, so not sure if he picked a bad woman or not?), what I really couldn’t believe was how much weight he had gained. He must have gained AT LEAST 50 lbs.

I’m not sure what caused the weight gain for him, but I do know that it GREATLY annoys me when people associate excessive weight gain with age.

Like I said, grey hair, hair loss, and wrinkles/aging skin are all part of the aging process, but it’s foolish to lump weight gain in with them as well.

There’s no denying that after a certain point in life (usually around mid to late 30’s for men) that gaining muscle and losing fat becomes more difficult, but it’s still no excuse to start “packing them on” because of your age.

It’s easy to fall into the mind trap of thinking it’s “too late” now and just “accepting your fate”when it comes to your physique.

For example, a couple years agoI was talking to a guy at work (about 50) who claimed it didn’t matter what he did, he just couldn’t get in shape. He apparently “tried it all.”

What really struck me as odd with this guy was the fact that he gave up on exercising since he apparently wasn’t getting anywhere with, and, and a big AND at that, he was the kind of guy who ALWAYS seemed to be eating unhealthy foods when I would go by his office.

In other words, he wasn’t even trying.

He was setting himself up for failure.

It was IMPOSSIBLE for him to get in shape with this current lifestyle choices.

While he most likely would have had a more difficult time getting back to the body he had at 20, I  often wondered what he was capable of achieving if he actually tried.

I’ve always been amazed by men who stay in shape regardless of their age and don’t use it as an excuse.

Dolph Lundgren is a guy who has had a lifelong commitment to fitness and health. Here he is at age 57.

dolph 57

(No, I do not know if Dolph Lundgren uses any “helpers” or not. Regardless, not too many 57 year old men look like this. In fact, not too many men in their 20’s look this good.)

Also, a guy at the gym told me one day about a guy he knows who is in his 80’s and still runs the Boston Marathon every year. He said the guy doesn’t set records or anything, but, nevertheless, he still completes it every year.

Lots of men his age are bed-ridden, and those who aren’t are most certainly not capable of completing such a feat.

Although the 80 year old runner, and Dolph Lundgren,are likely no longer in their physical prime, it certainly hasn’t stopped either one of them from staying fit, and looking and most certainly feeling amazing as a byproduct since there’s so many benefits of getting in shape and being healthy.

So, if you’re past a certain age you may not be able to get back to the body you once had but you can certainly still build an amazing body and don’t need to use your age as an excuse.

Not only is it easy to blame your age for your physique, it’s easy to have weak mindset with women after a certain age.

For example, back in the fall of 2014, I was talking to a co-worker about a girl I was seeing. I told him that although she was a  great girl, I wasn’t too keen about moving where she wanted to in the new year, and as a result, I was thinking about breaking things off with her.

Since he knew was she was a quality woman, he said he thought I was making a big mistake.

In fact, he said, “You’ll be lucky to find another woman like her. Most women your age have kids.”

I gave him a super confused look. Something like this


Although he’s right that it’s tough to replace quality women with other quality women and it’s more likely women my age will have kids, what really baffled me about he said was the fact that for some reason he thought I would replace her with a woman close to 30 with a kid/kids.

I couldn’t make any sense of his comment.

I was 29 at the time and the girl I was seeing was 21 and had no kids.

Why in the world why would I go for a woman much older and one who has baggage when I could easily go for a younger one with no baggage?

After a certain age, some men develop this weak mindset where they feel they “have to” date women their own age.

I don’t understand it?

After you hit a certain age your social circle is likely dwindling away to begin with, why would you want to limit yourself even more by ONLY pursuing women your own age?

It’s no wonder why some men do so lousy with women. How could they not with a mindset like that?

What ‘s more is that some these men are the same ones who will criticize you for dating women quite a bit younger than yourself. (I believe it’s out of jealousy)

I’ve been told before that I was “immature” and a “pervert” for dating women much younger than myself.

In fact, some people will more or less tell you that you need to “grow up” and go for a woman closer to your age.

Not only that but some people will even suggest that it’s “easier” to get women who are older than you.

Although a bit of generalization, it’s often NOT easier at all to get women who are older than you.

For example, look at this beauty I saved off Tinder a little while back. I just waiting for the perfect spot to use it.


Keep in mind, too, that this profile is pretty “mild” compared to some of the profiles you’ll see by women in this age bracket. Again, although this a bit of generalization and not ALL women in this age range have profiles like this, it’s not than uncommon to see a lot of “man-haters” with ridiculous expectations.

Although I can’t show you her picture for privacy reason, this girl was average (at best). But, in order for you to cash in on this “once in a lifetime opportunity” with this “catch of a woman,” you apparently need to be 6 ft+, fit, quirky, and I’m assuming by having your life together she means a lot of cash in the bank. Also, since women generally tend to prefer men around their age or slightly older, I would assume she’s likely looking for a guy in the 30-40 age range.

Any guy who is 30-40, at least 6 ft tall, fit, quirky, and has a good job needs his head examined if he goes for a woman like this.

Rest assured, she will be nothing but a problem.

I think one of the main reasons you don’t hear me spouting off a lot of misogyny and I have a more positive mindset towards women is because I know better than to get involved with a woman like this begin with.

Yeah, sure, I met a few women like this when I first started using online dating but I quickly realized that’s it’s better just to stay away from women like that to begin with.

Closing thoughts

Although aging is inevitable, you don’t need to “thrown in the towel” and stop living just because you’ve added a few extra digits to your age.

You obviously can’t go back in time, and although you may not be able to do some things as good as you could when you were younger, you can certainly be the best you can with what you have RIGHT NOW and moving forward.

Remember, age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel :)

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