We live in a world full of false promises,

“How to get 6 pack abs by the weekend”

“Eat this and never diet ever again”

“Make your first million by month’s end”

“Turn any girl on by asking these 3 weird questions”

You get the point.

It’s no secret that people like shortcuts.

Wouldn’t it be great if the above claims were actually true?

At simpleguyskills.com we are all about simplicity as the best approach to most things in life is simplicity. Simplicity combined with dedication, consistency, and a good work ethic will always prevail.

This mindset is especially true when it comes to getting in shape. No need to spend 10 hours a week at the gym and constantly be counting macros and calories.

In fact, we’re going to eliminate “dieting” altogether. We’ll focus on healthy eating and make it a PERMANENT lifestyle. So say goodbye to some “12 week fad diet” where you put all the weight back on again.

There’s also no need to make talking to women a science with all the complicated steps and corny lines. We’ll show just how easy it is without the expensive bootcamp price.

In fact, you won’t pay for any of the articles on this site.

The articles are and always will be free.

You’ll get the confidence you need to conquer all areas of your life.

So thanks for stopping by, friend.

I look forward to giving you the best knowledge I possibly can.

You’re going to the love the new you!

Yours truly,



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