As some of you have likely noticed, I tend to make a lot of snide remarks about the manosphere.

I’ve taken a few digs at it here and there, but feel as though I’ve yet to really call it out for what it is.

I personally believe the “hay days” of “game” are well behind us. There’s still a few PUA’s around, but for the most part it appears to be almost dead.

Even the most gullible of idiots seem to have figured out that corny lines and complicated routines do not generate “attraction.”

Plus, with today’s economy, who can really afford to pay $3000 to watch some jackass tell bad jokes at the bar?

corny pua

Seeing as “game” appears to be dying off, I think it’s being replaced with something MUCH worse!

That something worse would be the manosphere.

I could easily say all of the sites are the exact same. Which, to an extent is largely true.

In fact, you can basically sum up 90% of manosphere blogs like this…..

“The US is full of fat, feminist, sluts. Move to Asia and become a machine with women. I’m an alpha male”

That could have been it.

There would have been nothing more to say.

However, I have a lot more to say, and it’s time to totally trash it.

First off…..


This is one of my biggest beefs with the manosphere.

The manosphere could just as easily be called the “uselesssphere”

If you are actually SERIOUS about improving yourself/meeting women, well, friend, the manosphere is no place for you.

This was one thing that became obvious to me almost right away with these manosphere blogs. Where are the actionable steps?

For the most part…..


I really liked this article on the Black Pill blog.

The author took the words right out of my mouth.

It seems AT LEAST 75% of manosphere articles are geared towards attacking some feminist that the majority of the population has never heard of, or they’re hating on the United States.

The same article gets repeated over and over, all while being completely void of any actionable steps for guys that ACTUALLY want to improve themselves.

In fact, I find it quite hilarious that the manosphere writes off the ENTIRE United States since a couple of bozo’s did poorly with women in a state or two.

The population of the US is over 320,000,000 and is the third largest country in the world, yet, these losers can’t meet one single woman?

I know the rebuttal from the manosphere is that all women in the US are fat.

There’s no doubt obesity rates are high in the US, but with 320 million people, you can’t find one that you’re interested in?

Aren’t you good at “game,” bros?

This leads me to another HUGE beef I have with the manosphere…….

The obsession with women.

As much as I like women, I think it’s VERY unhealthy for men to straight up obsess over women and make them their life’s goal/purpose.

I read a manosphere article not too long ago where the author bashed guys who play fantasy sports since it takes away from time you could be pursuing women.

I very much enjoy playing fantasy football and never once thought while watching the games with friends, “Man, where are all the chicks at? I am so wasting my time right now”.

The manosphere also likes to attack guys who are not getting laid a lot, or who actually want a relationship.

As I’ve said, and always will say, the decisions you make in your life are ultimately up to you.

If you’re looking for a lot of hook ups, that’s fine.

If women aren’t a big priority for you at the moment for one reason or another, that’s fine as well.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, dude, that’s totally cool.

You are not a “beta male” for wanting a relationship or marriage.

While on that, I have to say that this whole “beta” and “alpha” thing in the manosphere has spiraled out of control. Basically EVERY move/thing you do can be termed either “beta” or “alpha.”

Recently I saw a video where a guy showed you how to go through the drive-thru and order food like an “alpha male.” (I’m not even kidding)

I’m sure if you were to search the depths of the internet you could easily find articles like,

“How to brush your teeth like an alpha male.”

“How to start your car like an alpha make.”

If you have to tell people you’re an “alpha male”….you really AREN’T an “alpha male!”

Most of these bloggers like to pretend they’re this super “alpha” guy. The lead you to believe they’re like this


While in reality, they often look like this


In fact, seeing some of these guys for the first time literally made me laugh out loud.

There’s one blogger that I can’t even look at without laughing. I honestly thought it was a troll account someone set up to to write “click bait” articles to piss off feminists and SJW’s(social justice warriors). It looked like someone just googled “slob” and put up a random picture. Then, I seen he had youtube channel, and while watching him I thought he was one of the most awkward, insecure losers with the weirdest mannerisms I had ever seen.

I think Big Foot existing is more realistic than some of these manospherians actually meeting women. This alone makes me question the intelligence of the average manosphere follower.

I hadn’t heard much about the manosphere until the last 6 months or so, and the fact some of these guys have ANY followers is an enigma to me. I tend to pride myself on rational thinking and don’t get drawn into all of this “red pill” crap.

I’ve already linked to this article, but Aaron makes a great point that I wanted to highlight,

” Clueless men, on the other hand, don’t have those reference experiences that allow them to see through that kind of nonsense”

This is so true.

Guys with little life experience do NOT have these reference points. They just assume since “guru A” says something it must be true.

As someone who’s traveled to some of the spots the manosphere hates on I can personally say that they have no clue what they are talking about.

This a real problem with the manosphere. Guys who don’t have these reference points will get a negative view on the world and perhaps not travel to a great destination since some loser wrote it off.

“Umm, dude, look at who you’ve taken on as a mentor. There’s a reason why they’re bitter douches.”

Another big gripe I have about the manosphere is that they’re bitter, misogynistic assholes!

In one breathe they shame men for not pursuing women 24/7, but in another they reveal their deep seeded hatred for women.

How can you meet women if you want to cut them up “Dexter” style?

Although I think there are a few manosphere followers that ARE actually serious about improving themselves, I think the majority of them are not.

Like their “leaders,” they’re often looking for a shortcut. I think a lot of manospherians have likely fell prey to diet or fitness scams at one point or another.

That’s another beef I have with the manosphere….

Their fitness advice.

Now I don’t believe you need to have a “herculean physique” to give fitness advice, but at least look like you step in the gym from to time.

Most manospherians are WAY overweight. In fact, some of the really sloppy manospherians will recommend fitness supplements they use to get their “elusive” physique.

“Ummm, bro, you look terrible. Are you saying I’m going to look like you after taking that supplement, too? If so, I think I’ll pass!”

Although my site is open to anyone, I’m well aware that by encouraging guys to workout and eat right that I will turn away a lot of the manosphere followers.

I’ll likely get called a “game hater” as well. Meh, that’s fine!

I do believe there are men out there that would be willing to make a few changes and even put in a little hard work if it meant becoming more fit and healthy, and at the very least, improving their chances with women.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from prefect, but feel as though I’d some success in certain areas of my life, and feel qualified to give advice in those areas.

I’m not entirely sure where I fit in in this whole “sphere?” I guess I’m more in the “try and give guys actionable steps sphere?”

Closing thoughts

Although it can be fun to be mock morons, I really want to make sure my main focus is on giving guys actionable steps free of fluff.

If you’ve ever gotten something useful out of a manosphere blog then I’m happy for you. I was mainly mocking blogs where the main focus is attacking some feminist or hating on the US. Those kind of blogs are of no use for guys who actually want to meet women or get in shape.

If you do like the mansophere, though, you could always pick up a case of brews, grab a controller, and hope there’s room on the couch.


Although I think this accurately depicts what happens when the manosphere get together, these guys are WAY too thin to be a true manospherians!


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