So what exactly is a 10?

A 10 is the most highly desired woman by men.

Men will practically drool when one walks into a room.

Men will feel esteemed to be seen in public or at a social event with such a woman.

Now no woman is perfect. A 10, however, is about as close to perfection as you can get.

This article is solely referring to a woman’s appearance.

For the sake of this article, I will be using a points system to rank women.(I do actually think it’s a bit weird to rank women by numbers)

Although there’s no such thing as a “universal 10,” I do think there are some women that most guys would agree upon as being gorgeous. I think the woman in the pic below would be considered a 10 by most guys.

10 game

That’s the thing, though. For some guys, this woman is NOT their ideal 10.

In the end, it ultimately comes down to preferences.

For example, this woman may be a particular body type(some guys prefer “a little junk in the trunk”), height, eye color, ethnicity, hair color, and have a certain style.

If your ideal 10 is tattooed with piercings……that is fine! Keep in mind, it’s YOUR LIFE! Who cares what a friend or co-worker thinks?

I know myself, generally speaking, a woman about 5’6 with long dark hair, dark eyes, an athletic build, and great style will get me every time. This would be my definition of a 10. I don’t really have any preferences ethnicity wise.

I mean, obviously there’s other women that I would consider to be just as attractive as the above stated preferences, but that would be my #1 choice.

Want to know the secret about “10 game?”

You ready for it?


Lots of guys have the belief that there’s a particular “skill set” you need to adopt in order to meet these women. This is not the case.

You don’t go from “7 game mode” to “10 game mode.”

I cannot stress enough the importance of being NORMAL around these women. In fact, I think this is one of the biggest mistakes guys make with the real “dimes.”

They get it in their head that they need to act differently around these women in order to impress them. They try to only say “cool things,” they worry they’ll say something she doesn’t agree with (aka “filtering” everything they say) and often act too serious As a result, they don’t let their”true personality” shine and come off as unauthentic.

Also, a lot of men assume since she’s near perfection in looks, her lifestyle must be the same. Sometimes this is the furthest thing from the truth.

Let’s take “Becky” for example that I spoke of in the younger women article. In my opinion, she was a solid 10.

Even though she was fun to “chill” with, and I certainly didn’t mind being seen in public with her, she was NOT a quality woman… AT ALL!

She took a year off school and worked a couple times a week at a liquor store serving samples. She had basically ZERO career aspirations whatsoever, and just wanted to party while being supported by her rich parents. She was incredibly ditzy, and it was near impossible to have an even remotely intelligent conversation with her. My patience was wearing thin with her, and when she showed up drunk uninvited early one morning, that the was the last straw for me.

I also think that a lot guys will find over time after meeting some gorgeous women, if her personality is lousy and she’s really self absorbed, it will be a huge turn off.

This reminds me of a girl I met at the gym. We met one afternoon for a game of pool and she went on to tell me a story about how some grease from bacon she was cooking for a “cheat meal” the previous day splashed her on the chin. She pointed to the spot it hit her and was devastated as it apparently was going to leave a nasty scar. She made it sound like any chance she ever had at modeling was flushed down the drain because of this “bacon fiasco.” I personally couldn’t even see it, and thought she was greatly exaggerating.

After a couple games of pool, we went a restaurant close by for a snack. This girl competed in bikini competitions and on her phone she showed me some professional pictures she had done. One of the pics was borderline “x-rated” and she went on to say how gross she looked in it(obviously looking for attention). She also showed me pics of a girl she came 2nd place to in her most recent show and talked about how she deserved to win first as she was better.

Although she started off the date looking like a 10, by the end of it she was looking more and more like a 2.

Having said that, I believe another huge mistake men make with gorgeous women is assuming they are going to be really rude and stuck up. Yeah, sure, this can be this case sometimes, but you’d be surprised at how incredibly rude average women can be as well.

Some of the real “stunners” are actually very nice women.

One day, last summer, while away, I matched with this real stunner on Tinder and set up a drink with her later that evening. She looked amazing in her profile pics, but to my pleasant surprise, she was even more attractive in person. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, she also had an amazing personality. She was so kind(she was actually a registered nurse so the job suited her well) and down to earth. We chatted for a bit at the pub and then proceeded back to my room for “another drink.” Now I will admit that she did say her boyfriend recently cheated on her so perhaps she was a bit “ripe for the picking” that night.

I believe another huge mistake men make is thinking they have no shot with these gorgeous women. Sure, in some cases, it may very well be true, but a lot of guys don’t even talk to them since they think have no shot. Ironically, by not talking to them, they literally give themselves no shot!

Now whether you have a shot or not will obviously depend on the woman. Yes, some will get spoiled by rich men, some will only be attracted to male model type men, and some will be rich themselves.

Some, however, are just your regular run of the mill girl. They’re a teacher, a nurse, a hairdresser, a secretary, a makeup artist, etc., etc.

They’re just regular people that happen to be extremely attractive.

To be perfectly honest, I think if we were to rank women on a scale of 1-10, you’d find( on average), the 1’s-4’s (unattractive and overweight women) and the 8’s-10’s(cute-gorgeous faces with amazing bodies) do not get approached that often. I truly believe it’s the 5’s-7’s(kinda cute/average with mediocre bodies) that get hit on the most.

A guy at a gym I used to go showed me a pic of a “10’s'” husband one day. The contrast in looks was shocking! I asked if her husband was loaded and he said no and that they lived in trailer park. So sometimes at this “level” with women it can be really hard to explain things.

When comes to getting 10’s, quite possibly the biggest factor, though, is your location.

There’s a few reasons for this,

1. Quantity of gorgeous women– If you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, you’re not going to have many opportunities to meet gorgeous women. Conversely, in any large city, you should have no shortage of options.

2. Female to male ratios– This is also a HUGE factor in your success with really sexy women. New York City comes to mind as a city that favors men. In fact, my cousin who used to live in NYC commented on it being a “buyers market” for men. Also, Newfoundland in Canada is another place with crazy female to male ratios.

3. How you match up to the local men– How do you look in comparison to the men where you live? Also, if you live in a richer area like Los Angeles or Miami and happen to be worse off, you may not do as well as in an area where the average person is not as wealthy.

Although I’ve only traveled in North America, Montreal in Canada comes to mind as a place that’s ideal for meeting gorgeous women.

For one, Montreal has a population of about 2 million people making it a rather large city. Also, the quality of women in Montreal is also unreal. It’s said to have some of the best looking women in the world. If you walk down St. Catherine’s Street on a nice day you’ll most likely get a sore neck.

And, the female to male ratio also seems to favor men, and for the most part, the men you’re competing for this women with aren’t exactly the kind of guys that will be gracing the cover of GQ anytime soon.

I think this article is a fairly accurate representation of Montreal. I too found the women to be rather aggressive which was hardly a bad thing ;)

Closing thoughts

This article was not intended to get guys in the habit of ranking women on a scale of 1-10 all the time. What it was intended for was this,

– You should be approaching women YOU are attracted to, and not worry/carry what society/the media/friends think

– Don’t automatically assume women you find gorgeous are unattainable or automatically going to be rude

– You should NOT be acting differently around these women or be thinking you need “advanced game”

– Location plays a factor in your success with the real “head turners”

To close, here’s the formula for “10 game”……

Get yourself as good as you can + talk to them and….. they’re either available and interested in you, or they’re not!

There’s really nothing too complicated about it. It’s all about being the best you can with what you have and TRYING! At the end of the day, what else can you do? Who knows, you may surprise yourself :)


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